Thousand and one braids

Thousand and one braids

Braids have always made women’s heads around the world. It doesn’t matter the length of the hair, the cut, your style or the hair color. This hairstyle can be as simple as possible, but it is also very complex.
There are thousands of options and, in the last SPFW, what really caught my attention were the braids in Fernanda Yamamoto’s fashion show. They had several hairstyles that I had never imagined doing. Want to see?

Photo 1 – Elisa Mendes / Photo 2 and 3 – Guilherme Rodrigues

Beautiful, isn’t it? The coolest thing is that looking from afar for an extremely complex hairstyle, but when we see it up close it is even simple. They are mixtures of different sizes of braids and all of them connected – either by a larger braid or by twisted strands (as in photo 3).
I was so in love with these “messy” hairstyles, but super delicate that I decided to research some simpler versions to test at home. Look at the ones that most enchanted me:

Photo 1 – Xile Beauty / Photo 2 – Breakfast at Yurmans / Photo 3 – Brit + Co

These hairstyles also mix two types of braid. The most basic is a size variation (photo 1). Just make 3 thin braids and then mix them while making a single larger braid.

The second hairstyle is made with a fishbone braid at the root and a tiara with a simple braid behind it. As you already have a lot of information, the best way to finish is to make a low bun.

I was in love with the romantic look of the latest hairstyle. The root braid merges with the fishbone braid on the side. The look is very feminine and a great option for a party hairstyle!

A look that seemed so impossible to imitate on the catwalk, became a great solution for my bad hair days!

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