Tiaras: Accessories that can transform the look

Tiaras: Accessories that can transform the look

When I talk about hair accessories what comes to your mind? To be quite honest, I soon think of elastic bands and basic clips, after all, these are the ones I use most in my daily life.
Despite not being a big fan of elaborate hairstyles and big head accessories, there are some easy-to-use pieces that take the look out of the obvious.

Tiaras: Accessories that can transform the look

Photo: matranchesi

Tiaras are certainly great examples. You can use it on a daily basis, at parties or even at more formal events depending on the model, of course.
More than that, the bows can be used with all hair loose or can be used as a complement in thousand hairstyles such as ponytails, buns, braids and hair half tied ?


If you still don’t know how to start using the accessory, it’s worth investing in metallic models and / or with delicate stones. That’s because these are the most versatile pieces: they work from the work look to a tidier party.
The double arch versions are also excellent for those who are growing their bangs, see?


One of the most popular models lately is the one with the thickest velvet-covered bow and full of applications. Who brought this type of tiara back was Dolce & Gabanna and it is clear that the trend has spread.
These are more glamorous models and difficult to use on a daily basis, however, they make the party look instantly more interesting! Not to mention that they give a very charming retro look, right?


Tiaras: Accessories that can transform the look

Photos: @cicalamounier and @amberfillerup via Pretty Designs

The lackluster models, with only simple or thin applications, are perfect to complement a casual look. More than that, the accessory becomes a great ally in the famous bad hair days ?


Did you like the idea and can’t wait to find a model that looks like you? I hope this selection of models will help you!
Tiaras: Accessories that can transform the look
1- Tiara Oslo Tiger’s Eye of Victory Cabaleiro – R $ 252.00
2- Dona Smoked Tiara by Pri Schiavinato at Zattini – R $ 45.00
3- Basic Crystal Tiara by Pri Schiavinato at Zattini – R $ 40.00
4- Artificial Pearl Tiara at Renner – R $ 15.90
5- Thick Golden Metallic Tiara at The Beauty Box – R $ 22.90
6- Braided Tiara at Americanas – R $ 17.96
7- Transparent Zirconia Tiara from Vitória Cabaleiro – R $ 240.00
8- AMARO Basic Resin Tiara – R $ 19.90
9- Océane Double Bow Tiara in Beauty on the Web – R $ 11.90
10- Black Gradient Velvet Tiara Pinli no Gallerist – R $ 179.00

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