Tie shirt

Tie shirt

I’ve been seeing a lot of blouses, shirts, little monkeys, dresses and even sneakers with ties – I’ve already told you here on the blog about footwear.
I decided to show 5 unusual ways to use the ties on clothes. In addition to being super charming, they are versatile pieces that range from work clothes to a more formal event!

Little monkey


Picture – Shop Style

The lashing on the lap is very cool, especially with this looser modeling of the little monkey. This is a great idea for a festival look or a weekend look. If you want, use more impactful and colorful accessories to make the production very fun.



Picture – Firefighter style

Did you think that the moorings were only for hot days? Nothing like that! I was dying to send some old sweaters to the seamstress and reform them. The look is less obvious and stylish!



Photo – Girl with curves

Dresses are also great options! In addition to wearing it on very hot days, how about using it as a longer blouse? Wear with jeans or leggings and heels!



Picture – steal the look

The more structured dresses take the very casual look of this type of garment. For a more sophisticated look, in addition to the fairer shape, bet on noble fabrics. Suede is an incredible option for this summer, it’s super hot!



Photo – From Hat to Heels

The very tight blouses, body style, also look beautiful with the detail on the lap. The look is very sexy! Prefer to combine with a more loose piece or with more volume at the bottom, the look is more balanced!

Where to find?


  1. Market 33 at OQVestir | R $ 169.00
  2. Loft 747 and Gallerist | R $ 469.00
  3. Market 33 at OQVestir | R $ 169.00
  4. Letage at OQVestir | R $ 318.00
  5. Talie NK and Gallerist | R $ 396.00

Ready to bet on the trend?

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