Timeless: Eames Eiffel chair

Timeless: Eames Eiffel chair

Some pieces are true design classics and, understanding a little or a lot about the subject, you have certainly seen some chairs repeatedly in houses, offices, restaurants and, of course, many references.
I myself have several Pinterest inspirations with the same pieces and why not share with you one of my favorite models of all time? The chair Eames Eiffel it’s definitely a classic that I love!

Picture – Gravity Home

The first Eames Eiffel chair is from 1948, but even today the piece is versatile, composing different environments and styles of decoration. Designed by designer couple Charles and Ray Eames (USA), the piece was much more affordable than the design furniture of the time. It is no accident that the chair won the international competition (Competition for Low-Cost Furniture Design) from MOMA, after all, the molded fiberglass chairs were a real revolution.


Photo – My Scandinavian home

Because of the architecture of the chair legs, the model became known as the Eiffel. You can’t deny that the base really resembles the tower, right? Today, in addition to appearing in many colors, the piece has many variations in the model and it is the acronyms that identify them.



Photo (DAW and DSW) – Planete Deco

The models with fixed wooden feet have two versions: the DAW (Dining Armchair Wood) is with armrests and the DSW (Dining Side Wood) is without.



Photos (DAR and DSR) – Decoist and Designerd

The chair also has alternatives with metal feet. The DAR (Dining Armchair R-Wire) is the version with arms and the armless is the DSR (Dining Side R-Wire).



Photo (RAR) – Casa Vogue

Last but not least we have the RAR model, which is actually a rocking chair.

How and where to use?

Almost 70 years after being launched, the Eames Eiffel chair is still extremely current, right? Look how many ways you can use this classic in the decoration!

Photos – Lemon in Water, Looks White, French by Design, Bedroom, My Scandinavian Home and Children’s Needs

Dining rooms, living rooms, baby rooms, offices, kitchens… All of these environments have very good pieces as traditional as these ?

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