Tip for losing weight Jerk, jerk belly away: This trick should work

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A trick for losing weight from Japan is currently thrilling all those who don’t like sports. You can only get rid of your belly fat by breathing properly – without any exercise.

Usually, you have to train hard to shed your pounds. But there is another way of doing it. Especially if you want to get rid of your belly fat, a breathing technique from Japan can help you. You only need two minutes a day to do this.

Get Rid Of Belly Fat In Two Minutes: Here’s How

As reported on the online fitness portal “fitforfun.de”, you need a quiet place and a little time for the so-called “Long Breath Diet”. That’s how it works:

  • You start the exercise by standing up straight and then stretching one leg forward and the other leg backward.

  • Now you tighten your bottom and then shift your weight onto your back foot.

  • Now you have to breathe in deeply for three seconds. In doing so, you raise your arms above your head.

  • Then you have to exhale for seven seconds. You tense your whole body.

  • You repeat these steps for at least two minutes, but better a few minutes longer. This increases the effectiveness of this breathing technique and you will get rid of your belly fat faster.

Getting rid of belly fat without exercise: How the breathing technique works

The oxygen you breathe is designed to convert the fat cells in your body into water and carbon dioxide. Then the carbon dioxide is exhaled again and the water is metabolized in the process. This process is supposed to ensure that you get rid of your belly fat even without exercising.

However, so far there is no scientific proof of the effectiveness of the Japanese breathing technique. As can be read on “fitforfun.de”, sustainable fat loss cannot take place without sufficient exercise and proper nutrition. However, the Breathing exercise can be beneficial to your healthbecause it strengthens your respiratory muscles and can also contribute to relaxation.

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