tips and ideas to get out of the commonplace

tips and ideas to get out of the commonplace

Which of these groups do you belong to: those who make a checklist with the best restaurants in the destination or those who prefer to save and eat in the cheapest restaurants possible?
No matter what the answer was, I can already tell you that the two are wrong! Even because, what is the fun of knowing a different place and focusing on only one aspect of the local cuisine? For anyone else to commit this type of failure in planning the script, here are some tips for gastronomic tourism perfect ?

Neighborhood Restaurants

tips and ideas to get out of the commonplace
One of the most traditional ways of getting to know the cuisine of a different country or city is by going to a very local restaurant. I usually define this category of place as that type of corner frequented practically only by residents of the region.
Finding the name of these restaurants on the internet is not always easy. So, let the shame go and ask people around you about it. They can range from hotel / hostel staff to tour guides. What matters is to go after the information!


tips and ideas to get out of the commonplace
Nothing better than going to street markets to sample portions of the most traditional foods in the place. At Switzerland, for example, we went on a festival of Street food and we taste the famous roll ice cream it’s at classic raclette.
Some places may not have fairs, but have markets that follow this same line. Who to visit
Paris, for example, cannot leave out the script Red Children’s Market. It is the oldest covered market in the country and is full of food stalls.

Street food

tips and ideas to get out of the commonplace
It should be a sin to go to a different destination without tasting at least street food! In addition to going to fairs, visit at least one local store that sells a Street food very famous, you know? In case of New York, The hot dog it is almost like a tourist attraction.
I’m in
Russia, we found a food truck that sold Purchase – a super traditional Russian pancake. We love the taste and we even want to repeat it! This is the kind of experience that everyone should have – the opportunity to be surprised by a simple and inexpensive dish!

Sophisticated restaurants

tips and ideas to get out of the commonplace
When it comes to gastronomic tourism, most people tend to think of expensive restaurants and tasting menus. However, this is only part of that type of trip. If you don’t intend to spend a lot on food during the trip, choose at least one good restaurant to visit.
The ideal is to look for that best rated place that is successful with practically everyone. So, you can have your own opinion and, hopefully, a dream meal.

Get out of the comfort zone

tips and ideas to get out of the commonplace
All of the above tips will only work well if you get out of your comfort zone. I understand that this often ends up being difficult, especially for vegetarians and vegans. However, we must not deprive our taste buds of new textures and flavors. As strange as the food looks, give it a chance ?
Something Paulo and I usually do is go to the market and buy some products that we have never seen in our lives. The time to taste these foods ends up being really fun!
Ready to make an unforgettable trip and get to know a little of the local culture through food? I confess that this is one of the things I love most whenever I travel to a different city or country!

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