Tips for a Perfect Crème Pâtissière (Icing Cream)

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Every day in the living room I see at least one crème pâtissière that didn’t look good. Or because the person did not let the cream cook properly and it ended up raw or left with residual cornstarch or flour taste and texture. Other times, by letting it cook longer than necessary, it ends up that the eggs overcook and after the cream cools it becomes full of white balls and all overloaded.
The crème pâtissière is one of the most made and most used products in French confectionery. I don’t think I ever spent a week at school that I didn’t make at least 4 crème recipes a week. Therefore, each teacher has his recipe and tips on how to improve or at least get the cream right; D
And a few weeks ago I was talking to my teacher Richard and he told me not to put the whole vanilla bean in the milk to boil, that I just put the zest, that is, the little seeds. So I asked why, after all, all the other teachers put the vanilla already cut and scraped into the milk. He told me that the vanilla bean ends up leaving a slightly woody taste in the cream, while if you use only the zest, its scent stands out. In addition, he has seen cases of the milk being extremely fresh and the bean a little acidic, which ended up carving the milk. So he prefers not to take any chances.
He was right; the flavor of the cream with only the seeds makes everything much more fragrant and without the residual woody taste at the end.
Another question I always had: how long does it take to boil the cream after I return the mixture to the pan? He told me that for each liter of milk the cream should boil for one minute. That is, you brought the milk to a boil, gave the eggs a thermal shock and mixed everything. He put it in the pot and went back to the fire. The cream will start to thicken and as soon as that first bubble of the boil comes, you count one minute and you’re ready. Of course, this is always stirring the cream over and over.
And this makes it much easier to moderate the time you need to leave on the fire regardless of the amount of cream you should make. For example, you will make the recipe with 6 liters of milk, so stir for 6 minutes after boiling. Of course, with time and experience, you don’t need that anymore. You end up knowing the right point just by looking. But until then, it is worth some small tips that make all the difference. ; D
If you also have your tips and secrets about the crème pâtissière share with us and comment!
Tips for a Perfect Crème Pâtissière (Icing Cream)

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