Tips for a perfect macaron

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Macarons are one of my favorite desserts and I love to try new recipes at home! Over time I have been collecting some very precious tips and observations, things that we only learned with practice!
So, I decided to make a post that had all my notes and that I highly recommend that you read carefully before buying the ingredients and making the recipes at home!

About the ingredients

  1. All ingredients must be at room temperature.
  2. None of the objects and containers to be used can contain traces of grease, for that, put lemon on everything you use and wash with detergent afterwards.
  3. Do not use gel dyes or fat-soluble dyes (which dissolve in fat); use only water-soluble dyes (which dissolve in water) and preferably in powder. TIP: VERY CAREFUL WHEN PLACING THE DYE; DEPENDING ON THE CHOICE BRAND HE WILL BE LESS OR WEAKER IN HIS PREPARATION AND MAY STILL ADD AN UNWANTED RESIDUAL FLAVOR!
  4. The egg whites must be separated from the egg yolks and kept in airtight jars, inside the refrigerator, for 4 to 8 days. The closer to 8 days you can preserve them, the better the texture of your macaron will be, as the white will lose albumin and become more liquid, which works much better to work the macaroni dough, sigh and even cakes;). Ahhh .. one more thing, those whites that come in boxes are not used to make macarons.
  5. Never process almonds to use them as flour, as they will turn into a very greasy flour, which is not suitable for macaron. And when you go to buy almond flour, if possible, pass it in your hand and see if your hand gets oily and shiny, if your hand gets oily this is not the ideal flour for you to use. Look for one that does not leave your hand oily, that is loose and dry. Or if you have an electric oven, you can put it in the oven at 40 ° C for 15 minutes for it to dry.
  6. Our biggest problem when making macarons is the palpable sugar. For those who do not know, impalpable sugar is a mixture of powdered sugar and corn starch. The proportion of these two ingredients should be described on the packaging of this product, however it is not what happens and we are not sure what type of product we are buying. The ideal to make macaron would be an intact sugar with 4% starch, as it is a little difficult to find out which would be the best brand to use, I recommend that you make your own intact sugar, that is, for every 96 grams of sugar of icing you add 4 grams of cornstarch.

About how to do it


  1. Macaron is one of the most delicate recipes that exist in confectionery. It does not work if the weather is humid or if it is raining. Even big companies like LeNôtre or Pierre Hermé have dehumidifiers inside the rooms where macarons are made, imagine us at home without the necessary conditions! You can be sure it won’t work! As I said in the comments, wait for the weather to improve and get dry and make the macaron. I know it is frustrating but there are very temperamental recipes… this is one of them!
  2. Icing sugar is not the same as palpable sugar.
  3. The macaron is not a sigh, it will not be completely hard inside and out. After roasting the macaron, it has to have a hard shell and a soft inner part, but it comes out easily from the silpat, without sticking. And that does not mean that it will be raw.
  4. None of the ingredients in the posts’ recipes should be replaced. These are not recipes for creating on top. Already the filling you can invent the flavors you want! ; D
  5. Recipe ingredients must be weighed. The balance here is essential.
  6. To see if it is good, drop a spoonful of the dough on a plate, if the tip that forms disappears within 10 seconds it is because your dough is ready to be used. If it doesn’t go away, that’s why you still have to move more. But be careful not to stir too much and the dough becomes too soft, because then the macaron will not grow.
  7. For macarons to bake better, the ideal would be if you used one shape inside the other and the silpat on top, so that the heat from the oven reaches the top of the macaroni faster, causing the cone to form and then making with the bottom part rising completely forming the foot, without bursting the top part. This happens because the top part usually bursts when the bottom part tries to rise before the top part has formed, due to an excess of heat in the form that is in direct contact with the bottom base.
  8. If you want to decorate the macaron with something (e.g. powdered cocoa, cinnamon, edible glitter, chopped pistachios, whatever your heart is asking for) place it as soon as you finish making the macaroni balls in the pan, before it dries.
  9. Whenever you are making a new batch of macarons, use a cold form to put the dough, otherwise it will go wrong and you will have a bad final result and very different from expected! The macaron shell will not be smooth, but quite cracked and hard!
  10. Macaron should never be made in just one form. It should always be on top of two shapes so that the heat will bake the top over the top first and only then heat the double shapes and reach the base of the macaron by heating the water present in the ingredients, which will cause the macaron to be propelled upwards . Therefore, it will grow and form the so famous and desired little foot! ; D
  11. Only the cone without filling, lasts 3 days in a tightly closed jar in the refrigerator. After stuffing, macaroons last 2 days in the refrigerator.

Macaron has to be fresh, as far as I know there is no trick you can do after they are stuffed. French sweets are delicate, it is like the thousand leaves that after stuffing only lasts 4 hours, macaroni still lasts 2 to 3 days, it is an evolution practically; D
This business of being homemade and not being fresh, for me goes against everything good that has something homemade and at first without preservatives. If it is to be homemade you need to keep the essence.
Think that the macaron shell itself, you can freeze without being stuffed and it lasts frozen for up to 3 months. That is, anytime you have an order you can take it out, stuff it and sell it fresh.
But yes, from the moment you give it to the person, he has 3 days to eat, because then he starts to have the shell all soft and moist and consequently loses the crunchiness of the macaron shell, which removes that mixture of textures it should have: soft in the middle, sticky soon after and crispy on the outside.
I hope you understand that this is the essence of a good macaron, and that even in the simplest bakeries that sell macaron here in France, they are stuffed on the day of going to the window.
And more important than whoever sells to understand this, it is whoever buys too! So it is no use buying a thousand macarons and wanting to store them in the refrigerator, but buying a few and whenever you want to eat, to always have a macaron in the right size to be proud of.
For those who sell it is important to explain this to your customer, or it is better that he buys the industrialized macaroni from McDonald’s.
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