Tips for a weekend at home

Tips for a weekend at home

Almost everyone traveling and you at home … Who has never been there? Maybe this is the perfect weekend to enjoy your home more!

Session cinema / series


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Turn on Netflix and watch those episodes you had to stop at dawn on Wednesday or that classic movie that everyone always comments on and you don’t even know what it’s about! The weekend at home doesn’t have to be boring. Make a popcorn and enjoy it a lot!

Dinner with friends


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If you are one of those who love a busy house, how about calling your friends for a dinner without pretensions at home. It doesn’t even have to be a lot of people, a couple of good friends already animate everything. Everyone loves a last minute invitation – especially with good food and company! Those who don’t like going to the kitchen just order a pizza and the problem is solved!

Sunday lunch


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How about lunch on the balcony! Summer is booming and there is nothing better than eating “outdoors” even in the apartment. Make a delicious pasta and enjoy this time with those you love. There’s an amazing Fettuccine recipe super easy here on the blog!

More time with you


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Take advantage of this time, especially on Sunday afternoons, to read a good book or do a mini spa at home (I already gave some tips here). Listen to that old CD hidden in the closet or a movie that reminds you of childhood. I love spending my evenings in this more relaxed and delicious atmosphere – if you hit a chill, a hot chocolate is the ideal complement!

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