Tips for an incredible travel itinerary!

Tips for an incredible travel itinerary!


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You know I love to travel! When we know new places we need to plan very well what to do in the city. What are the points that we need to go anyway, how to get around, how to separate the time needed for each location … There are several tasks and everyone knows that it is not very easy.

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An incredible option to make your life easier is to use Google’s My Maps. The platform has several tools that can help you better visualize your itinerary day by day. I’ll give you some basic tips on how to use the app and make a sensational script:

My Maps is not Google Maps

It sounds obvious, but it is important. You need to have a Google account to sign in to My Maps. The best thing is that the map you create is saved in Drive and you can look at it whenever you want!

How to begin?

You need to select the points you want to go to in the city. At that moment, select all you want to go and stay: sights, shows, neighborhoods, restaurants, hotels … I’m sure you will have a lot to look at and probably will filter later.
The good thing about marking all the points of interest is that you can better visualize the localities and it is easier to choose the most interesting neighborhoods and those points that are very isolated and are not worth visiting so much.

What will you do at each point?

A great thing about My Maps is that you can choose different colors for specific points and icons. In other words, when you look at the map, you won’t see much red dots, but bags (which can mean the hotel), cutlery (restaurants) and colors for different points (parks, museums, neighborhoods …).

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The visualization looks great, right?

Day by day!

My Maps has a great option to mark the map. You can select the tool and even trace the route you want to take (sometimes it can be useful).



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There is a great article in the Sunday Cooks that explains step by step how to put this script together with thousands of tips (I used it as a basis for the post). In addition, there is an incredible video I made with Ju Goés on how to plan the trip.

Did you see how technology makes our trip much easier? How about testing on your vacation?

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