Tips for Assembling a Functional Suitcase

Tips for Assembling a Functional Suitcase

Nobody deserves to open the suitcase at the destination and not even know how to start putting together a look, right? After spending a few “perrengues” in those years traveling up and down, I decided to share with you some tips that help me a lot when thinking about my travel productions. In addition to comfortable pieces that are mandatory in any look, I came to give you 5 tips that changed the way I think about my bag!

Clothes that don’t wrinkle!

Tips for Assembling a Functional Suitcase

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I think I don’t even need to dwell on the subject, after all, nobody deserves to have to keep asking for iron in the hotel. Although I love pieces with natural fibers, like linen, I cannot deny that they are not functional at all when traveling. Prefer models that have some synthetic fiber in the composition because it facilitates too much.
If you care a lot about wrinkled clothes, hair dryers can be great allies at the hotel. That’s because the hot air helps to stretch the parts ?

Follow a color palette

Tips for Assembling a Functional Suitcase

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This tip changed a lot the way I think about my travel looks. Anyone who follows me on instagram must have seen my stories assembling a suitcase and, despite going with separate looks for each day and night of the trip, I always try to follow the same color palette. Taking pieces that talk to each other greatly increases the possibilities of combinations in the destination!
Aah, not to mention that if the pieces of clothing follow the same palette, it is much easier to decide which shoes and bags will go in the suitcase! These accessories weigh a lot and take up a lot of space, so it’s worth taking as little as possible.

Statement accessories

Tips for Assembling a Functional Suitcase

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I said that bags and shoes take up a lot of space, but I didn’t say at any time to save on jewelry, scarves, sunglasses… These items are very versatile and give an up in any production. As you may have already noticed, Paulo and I love to vary the glasses on trips and that really makes a difference in looks.
Since these items hardly weigh or take up space, it is worth taking more options – especially if you have a more basic style and the suitcase is all neutral. Scarves, for example, can be used in several ways: on the head, as a belt, on the neck, on the bag handles … There is a world of possibilities!

That “the most” wildcard

Tips for Assembling a Functional Suitcase

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After traveling so much, I realized that some pieces are always in my suitcase and that’s why I consider them wildcards. I’ve even made a post here on the site counting 10 items that make a difference in a trip and, even if you haven’t thought about looks with these pieces, I think it’s worth adding at least one of them in your luggage.
What I mean is that, in addition to thinking about looks for each day, everyone likes to bring something more if a last minute dinner comes up, for example. For that moment never select a piece that you have difficulty using or that does not match your bag, always go in the classics. A white T-shirt or shirt, a striped garment, a pair of jeans, a stylish bag that you always wear, a black dress … It all works!

Take more tops than bottom

Tips for Assembling a Functional Suitcase

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The top parts dirty a lot more than the bottom parts, don’t you think? When assembling the suitcase you need to take this into account. Style consultants make the 5 × 1 rule that is nothing more than thinking of 5 tops for each bottom. On a trip you do not need to bring as many options of blouses, t-shirts and shirts, but it is worth thinking about at least 2 or 3 tops that match each pants, shorts or skirt.
I also prefer to take darker bottoms just to avoid them getting dirty easily. Aah, dresses, little monkeys and overalls count as bottoms, okay?
Do you have any other tips for assembling a functional travel bag? The more information the better, after all, no one deserves to pay excess baggage!

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