Tips for better organizing your suitcase

Tips for better organizing your suitcase


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It doesn’t matter if it is a few days or many days, let alone the distance: the suitcase is always a problem! After spending hours (or even days) choosing what you’re going to take, it’s time to fit all that into a suitcase. I have already helped you with a post on necessaire here (what to bring) and here (how to organize); now i will give you some super simple tips to organize your suitcase.



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It seems obvious, but many people end up leaving to assemble the suitcase at the last minute and forget this tip! Cotton T-shirts, jeans, sweatpants … All those basic pieces (which is what we take the most when traveling) can be rolled up and leave a lot more free space. No need to take 3 bags for a 1 week trip, huh?

Delicate clothing


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Of course, we have some more delicate pieces! You can use two sheets of tissue paper (the same one that comes in bags from clothing stores) to wrap the piece with embroidery or a fine fabric. If you have a very sophisticated dress, for example, it is better to buy plastic bags suitable for travel, as they protect even more!



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That’s one of the best ideas! Doesn’t it fit in the shoes part anymore? Buy shower caps and put your shoes there. In addition to protecting clothes from dirt, it is super easy to organize and not leave a foot of the shoe behind when you return, right?



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Accessories do need a compartment. If you have a box like this, everything is perfect! Those who have nothing appropriate, can use the bags and then store them in a more structured case. Another great tip is to buy those pill boxes and keep earrings, bracelets and rings and separate compartments – there is nothing worse than unscrewing all those pieces.

Ready for a more organized trip?

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