Tips for decorating your Christmas table

Tips for decorating your Christmas table

Making a beautiful table to receive friends or family is always a pleasure. Now, if it’s Christmas, this task gets even better! There are so many creative options to decorate that it is difficult to choose.
It is possible to make a super simple or very powerful decor. You can use garlands, glitter balls, candles … There are countless possibilities! I selected some options for this Christmas table. Get inspired!

Central arrangement


Photo – Couture Ventsca

A central arrangement is always a great idea. Use some branches or pieces of wreaths as a base. On top, spread flowers, pine cones, sparkling ornaments and candles. If you want to make the decor even more glamorous, you can spread more glitter over it.
As this is a very elaborate decoration, opt for cleaner dishes. Cutlery can be more striking; gold is a great option.



Photo – Pottery Barn Blog

Do you think it will take a lot of work to make a beautiful arrangement? Prefer the miniature trees. Different textures and colors make the table very charming. If you want to make the decor more cozy, place some scattered candles.



Stock Photo – 100 Layer Cake Let

Whoever is going to have a big party, certainly prefers the pieces to be served. A buffet style table, where the guests choose the food is always good! Golden trays, glamorous cups and glasses, candlesticks and some garlands and smaller trees are perfect choices!



Photo – Eu Decoro

Here in Brazil this Christmas season is very hot! Nothing better than serving supper outdoors. If you live at home, use your balcony and garden and opt for a more rustic decor. In addition to escaping the traditional, you can leave the decor stunning. I thought this idea of ​​wood was incredible!
To contrast, choose very sophisticated crockery and make a beautiful arrangement with candles and a lot of shine!



Picture – Oakville Grocery Post

Less is more! A modest arrangement makes it evident that it is a Christmas table. To complete the decoration, opt for elaborated bowls (gold always helps to bring that glamor) and detailed crockery!



Photo – Your House, Your Party

If the idea is glamor, use this photo as inspiration! Nothing red and very golden. Crystals, glass, towels and white china are always good alternatives. Use the abuse of elegant glasses as candlesticks, in addition to brooches in vases and a lot of shine!



Picture – Yellow Bliss Road

If the idea is to make something more intimate and cozy, how about using mason jars in your decor? I’m sure it will be cute! In addition, the red with the wood always makes that Christmas atmosphere more evident! Therefore, opt for napkins and placemats in these tones.



Photo – Home Designing

At dessert time, in addition to the traditional cake or pavé, the bom-bom also always comes in handy! How about using a support of two or three floors to place them? To make it even more beautiful, spread Christmas ornaments – they serve stars, bows, balls, golden chains or even dry branches!



Photo 1 – Atelie Gaaya / Photo 2 – Bungalow H20 / Photo 3 – Latte Lisa

Some details make all the difference! How about a different and personalized napkin holder. Wooden signs, cinnamon and leaves are simple options that make your decor much more amazing! Don’t forget that for these occasions cloth napkins are indispensable!



Photo 1 – Alla Club / Photo 2 – Creative Panel / Photo 3 – Inspire Me Heather

Candles can be scattered on the table or throughout the house. Cake stands, bowls and cups are simple options that everyone has at home, and they look very charming! Use your creativity!



Foto 1 – Pinterest / Foto 2 – Decoholic / Foto 3 – Women Plural

If you want to style even more, there are thousands of options! In addition to putting the guests’ names in the right places, you can even decorate your chair with a pretty bow on the back! Even cutlery is cuter in these crochet socks – how about asking your grandmother to make some of these?

Did you see how inspirations are not lacking? I don’t even know which one I identify with the most!

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