Tips for food fans You want to eat varied every day? Then try THAT!

Tips for food fans You want to eat varied every day?  Then try THAT!

It is not only the travel destination that is decisive in order to return from your vacation as relaxed as possible. At least as important is the culinary experience that a trip should offer. But how is the latter guaranteed? The answer: with these travel tips that foodies and those who want to become one swear by now!

1st reason: Because the fresh (sea) air stimulates the appetite!

As soon as we have spent the whole day in the fresh air, hunger comes on its own. The desire for a culinary highlight, which in everyday life through our “I eat something quickly in between-Lifestyle often comes up short, we have on vacation anyway. All the better if the chosen form of travel offers both: plenty of time in the fresh air and plenty of time to satisfy your subsequent appetite. Just like on a cruise, during which we prefer to enjoy our free time on deck and thus in the fresh sea air without any car noise and the like.

By the way: The connection between fresh air and feeling hungry can also be explained scientifically. Like the news page “ reports, experts suspect that the increased appetite after spending too much time outdoors is not due to the air itself. Rather, the higher level of activity – which we have when visiting the water park, the mini golf course, the climbing wall or the kart track (yes, all of this awaits you on board modern ships!) – seems to be responsible for the perceived desire for food: movement stimulates the person Metabolism, activates the circulation and ensures an increased consumption of calories. So it’s logical that the body demands more food. How practical when there is a huge selection of culinary highlights on offer (see point 2) …

2nd reason: Because you can eat European today and Asian tomorrow!

One thing is certain: travel professionals also choose their holiday destination with a view to the food that awaits them there. It is just stupid that you have to choose between the continents and their culinary specialties when traveling in the usual way.

Food fans travel

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Not so on a cruise! Because modern fleets actually offer more than just a typical national menu. Or to put it in numbers: there are up to 27 dining options on the cruise ships of Norwegian Cruise Line. And so something is actually possible during a cruise that no other form of travel offers: On day one we eat European, on day two Asian, on day three American, on day four …



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3rd reason: Because you get a place in your dream restaurant – always!

There is nothing as annoying as having to compromise on vacation. This is especially true when it comes to food! Forego the hearty meal because the restaurant of your choice is fully booked? That can massively spoil the holiday mood.

All the better that smart dining concepts prevent exactly that: With a computer-aided information system, guests at Norwegian Cruise Line are kept up to date on, for example, the occupancy and waiting times of the numerous top restaurants on board via flat screens. Is there currently no space available? No problem! While we find alternatives for other types of travel or have to wait forever, cruise guests receive a pager and can stroll relaxed on board – until they are notified of their free table. Brilliant!

4th reason: Because the whole family can eat here – together!

Whether mom or dad is responsible for the food in everyday life: one of the two is stressed and the last to take a seat (if that’s even possible). That should be different on vacation. The whole family sits at the table and feasts at the same time without the stress of shopping, cooking or clearing away – that’s pure quality time!

NCL Native 2 Inline 2

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Precisely for this reason, the right trip should also offer a comprehensive dining concept, thanks to which every family member can be served. And if tips and drinks are also included in the tour price, as is the case with Premium All Inclusive from Norwegian Cruise Line, the holiday experience is perfect!

5th reason: Because you have time to explore new worlds of taste!

Try the teppanyaki, try Brazilian cuisine or indulge in French haute cuisine – when, if not on vacation, can we put culinary projects like this into practice? Just!

Specialty restaurants

© Norwegian Cruise Line

Best of all: on a modern cruise ship, you decide when is the perfect time to put your food plans into action. Because thanks to “Freestyle Dining Norwegian Cruise Line focuses on maximum freedom and flexibility, even when eating. Whether first-class grill variations on deck, family dinner in the cabin or a visit to one of the numerous specialty restaurants (see point 1), such as the Mexican restaurant Los Lobos, the French Le Bistro or the Brazilian steakhouse Moderno Churrascaria: Without fixed table times and with free choice of seats guests can literally “get a taste” many culinary specialties come. Who creates the latter? The best-known chefs and their specially trained professional teams who ensure the uniform standard of the entire fleet. Bet that you will be a self-confessed foodie after your cruise too …!?

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