Tips for more well-being Bet that you will eat more balanced immediately if you heed these simple nutrition tips ...!?
Tips for more well being bet that you will eat more

Tips for more well-being Bet that you will eat more balanced immediately if you heed these simple nutrition tips …!?

Especially when it comes to nutrition, the following applies: The smallest changes can lead to the greatest success. All the more practical if we start doing it first thing in the morning. We reveal which five mini-actions give you a perfect start to the day and thus cause maximum changes!

1. Mindset tip: clean out the fridge – and keep your head too!

A balanced diet starts in your head – okay, and with the shopping. But before you go to the supermarket, the following point is on the agenda: clearing out the refrigerator. Old groceries are then processed as quickly as possible, you make space for new ones and you can once again go through your head exactly what should really end up on the shopping list (and later in the shopping cart). Bet that you won’t need more than five minutes for this mini-action, but that you are more motivated than ever before to go shopping …!? After all, when mucking out, some things fall into the hands that one really could “save” can. It is all the more important that you really plan your next purchase.

Plus: If you really want to change something in your diet, the most effective way to put a stop to yourself is with the right refrigerator contents – because old, less balanced routines can no longer be implemented with the nutrient-rich refrigerator inventory. Tricky!

2. Mindset tip: replace products – and save calories, fat & Co.!

The entire nutritional routine doesn’t have to be changed immediately. Who just “justIf you want to bring balance to your diet, you can also approach the new routine step by step. And here, too, maximum effects can be achieved with minimal effort – a tactic that is already in vogue: We replace pasta with zoodles (zucchini noodles), we replace rice with cauliflower, dairy products with plant-based alternatives (see point 3).

Why is it worth it? Because plant-based milk alternatives (e.g. from Alpro) are the secret of many a low-carb and low-fat diet: They are low in saturated fatty acids and rich in vitamins and minerals, often have a high fiber content and tend to contain fewer calories. With these properties alone, they declare war on the great challenges of modern nutrition. Ingenious and minimally complex, isn’t it?

Do you want to find out which plant-based drink is right for you? This test on “” makes it possible!

3. Mindset tip: Try out new (trend) products – yes, but really now!

Speaking of step-by-step replacement: This mini-change also has to be tackled at some point so that we can benefit from its maxi effect. It’s just stupid that we tend to procrastinate, i.e. constantly procrastinating, with well-established routines. But what helps in the fight against the “I will definitely start tomorrow!-Mentality? The answer: the right inspiration. This is ensured not least by the numerous trends that are circulating on the internet for everything to do with nutrition and other things.

Which trends are currently determining the food scene? We asked someone who should know: The Munich lifestyle blogger Linda (blog: “”) is not only an avowed Alpronista and a real food fan, but also knows what is happening among the professionals at breakfast is hip. In the following video she shows you the best food trends for breakfast. But be careful: Bet that you will immediately have an appetite for a delicious, balanced breakfast …!?

Are you looking for more inspiring recipes with plant-based drinks? Our colleagues from “” also have sweet “Muesli-to-go muffins” on offer. Click here for the recipe >>>

4. Mindset tip: take your time – for the sake of body and mind (pssst: and weight)!

No, this tip is not aimed at “slow food-Trend around conscious eating and enjoyment. Rather, it is about actually creating islands of time in the daily routine that are dedicated solely to nutrition. And let’s start with that in the morning. Even from a purely scientific point of view, this minimal change pays off to the maximum, because: Several studies have already proven the relationship between eating speed and weight as well as calorie intake.

In 2008, Japanese researchers published in the British Medical Journal the results of their study on over 3000 test subjects, which showed a direct connection between obesity and fast food. And studies by the University of Athens have shown that fewer calories are consumed the slower people eat, such as on the website “” is reported. Ergo: If you just take more time for nutrition (mini effort), you can make for big changes and new well-being (maxi effect)! And when real feel-good recipes from Alpro are also used, feelings of happiness are guaranteed anyway …

5. Mindset tip: Have a colorful breakfast – and really start the day perfectly!

Your diet is truly “monotonous? Then bring some variety! And that by having breakfast and the “most important meal of the day.” relies on a variety of colors. Color-intensive toppings such as fruit and vegetables ensure balance and a vitamin push for your smoothie made from the nutrient-rich oat drink Original or the muesli with the natural soy yogurt alternative with almonds. Add cereal must-have items such as oat flakes, superfoods such as chia seeds or crispy foods such as granola – and your breakfast is ready, which already visually ensures the perfect start to the day.

Do not you think? Well then wills Time to prove it: Just look at the picture below and see which thought comes to mind first. We could bet that it would be a staunch “Hmmm, yummy! is …

Healthy granola tips

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By the way: You can find more delicious recipes for the perfect start to the day here!

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