Tips for Organizing the Wardrobe

Tips for Organizing the Wardrobe

The cold is coming from time to time in much of the country and whenever the weather starts to change I already remember to do that clean in the closet. Whether we like it or not, we always accumulate more parts than we actually use and that is why it is so important to take some time to separate everything that no longer works in your daily life.
Take it for donations, participate in campaigns, sell whatever is very special in thrift stores … Nowadays, there is no shortage of options and believe me: that jacket that is leaning against a corner of your closet is very important for someone!

Tips for Organizing the Wardrobe

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Since this cleaning is essential from time to time, how about taking the opportunity to reorganize your entire closet on that occasion? You’ve probably already been lazy just thinking about it, but believe me: once the wardrobe gets organized, just keep it up! The job will be done once, and as a good Virgo I am, I have to say that it will change your life. Now, the question is how to do it the best way, right?


Tips for Organizing the Wardrobe

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I know, I know … The hook for the post was the clean one for donations and sales, but after that done I’m sure there are still many pieces that you love, but don’t use. Sometimes they are pieces with sentimental value that can be kept in a box, but most of the time they are models that need that makeover: a torn seam, a popped zipper, a missing button… These are small things, but they do everything the difference when choosing whether or not to use that piece.
Take everything to that trusted seamstress and reform whatever it takes. Often a dress that doesn’t fit so well at the bottom can become a beautiful blouse, right?


Tips for Organizing the Wardrobe

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If you are a person who loves prints, you probably go through the same problem as me when organizing the pieces by color. Always prefer to organize clothes by category to make it easier at that time of despair when you can’t find that old shirt! Unless you have a lot of space to organize the closet by category and color, give preference to the separation into categories, after all, the tone you can see more easily.
For this organization to work, you will, yes, need to remove EVERYTHING from the closet and any other corner of the house that has loose parts. Put everything in the same room and start gathering whatever is in the same category. All this work needs to be done at once (a whole weekend, in this case), but only then will you be able to visualize what you really have, like and use more.


Tips for Organizing the Wardrobe

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After seeing what you really have, it’s time to organize the closet itself. One simple thing that can make the biggest difference is the uniformity of the hangers. Thin and velvet models are perfect, because they don’t take up space, they fix even those lightweight blouses that keep slipping and, of course, bring a much greater sense of clarity.
When the hangers have different colors, widths and heights, they take the focus off the pieces themselves and it looks like everything is disorganized. I swear this exchange is worth doing ?


Tips for Organizing the Wardrobe

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Drawers for socks, panties, bras, bikinis, scarves and ties are always in that area, right? Most people do not have enough space to put each of these categories of pieces in a drawer and so the internal partitions are great allies.
For socks and panties, which are smaller, the honeycomb plastic partitions are excellent. As for bras (bulges always open), bikinis and tights take up more space, so it’s worth going after wider acrylic or fabric dividers.


Tips for Organizing the Wardrobe

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We have a habit of thinking about wardrobes with only hangers and drawers, but niches are very welcome. If you have poorly used space in your closet, consider placing some shelves and dividers forming squares or rectangles. When you open the closet or closet door you will be able to visualize in a much clearer way what is there.
It is worth doing that clean of things before renovating the closet, because then you already know the size (or the quantity) of niches that you will need by category. I, for example, have many knits and this type of garment is quite bulky, so I have to have a bigger space in the closet reserved for this category. The niches are also excellent for storing bags.


Tips for Organizing the Wardrobe

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As organized as you are, there will be those days of tiredness that you will have no patience to organize the parts after use – or, in my case, after a trip. Separate a corner from the closet or bedroom to hang clothes and bags if necessary. No spreading clothes on the chairs in the house!
The same goes for trinkets and jewelry, okay? Have a box, plate or tray on the nightstand to put these offal that seem to disappear in the middle of the mess.


Tips for Organizing the Wardrobe

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You have probably seen a lot of people talking about the clothes roll technique for packing suitcases, but this is also true for storing those pieces that don’t wrinkle like some shirts, blouses, gym clothes… Storing the pieces that way you gain a lot of space in the drawers and you can see everything when you open it. Nothing worse than putting one piece on top of the other and forgetting those that are down there, right?
In the case of niches, which you can visualize the color and type of piece more easily, it is worth taking care to fold everything the same size. For this, you can use magazines and books as templates or even put a sulfite sheet inside each piece to maintain the structure in the case of very loose blouses.


Tips for Organizing the Wardrobe

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Jackets that you only wear when traveling, hats, beach bags … There is always that category that doesn’t fit in any closet space and that’s why baskets and boxes are great allies. It’s worth putting them on the top of the closet and labeling them with the category’s name, okay? The intention is not to forget anything you already have at home so as not to make unnecessary purchases or not be able to find a specific part when necessary ?
Whew, there were a lot of tips, right? I’m not one personal organizer, but these are some tips that work for me and that’s why I decided to share with you! So, do you have more organization ideas? Leave it here in the comments, I would love to know!

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