Tips for peeling boiled eggs
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Tips for peeling boiled eggs

Cooking an egg is undoubtedly in the ranking of the easiest things to do in the kitchen, but managing to make them look beautiful and without embezzlement after peeling is another story.
To make the boiled eggs very smooth, the tip is quite simple: just add a coffee spoon of baking soda (no more than that, otherwise you risk changing the flavor of the eggs) for each liter of boiling water. The shells will loosen more easily and you, in addition to saving that time spent pulling out shell by shell, will have boiled eggs worthy of a chef!
It is worth remembering that the fresher the eggs are, the greater the chances of the white being more attached to the shell, making it more difficult to peel. In this case, it is also advisable to leave the boiled eggs in a container with very cold water for a few minutes after cooking, before trying to peel them.
Does putting eggs under the tap also work? Yes, running water also helps to loosen the whites of the shell, but we cannot ignore the waste that it is to keep removing the shells while the water goes down the drain. The planet thanks you! ?

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