Tips for Renovating Wardrobes Without Buying

Tips for Renovating Wardrobes Without Buying

Tell the truth: do you really need a new piece of clothing? I venture to affirm that no, everything you have there in your house already yields countless possibilities! I know it’s hard to resist one trend or another in the seasons, but let’s agree that it’s amazing to be able to use what you already have in a different way?
It was thinking exactly who wants to save or use creativity that I decided to make this post with some ideas to revitalize the closet spending nothing or very little!


Tips for Renovating Wardrobes Without Buying

Photo: Tilly and the buttons

How many times do we notice that we have a piece in the closet that we don’t use because it’s wearing badly or has a small defect? Many people roll up to take the clothes for seamstress (o) and the result is unused pieces and unnecessary purchases.
Is the string unraveling? Did the button fall off? Is the skirt wide? Is the dress lining too long? These small concerts will allow this piece to yield much more in your closet ?


Tips for Renovating Wardrobes Without Buying

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Tacks, patches, pins, embroidery and even brooches can be excellent allies when customizing a piece with little. That old sneaker, for example, gains much more personality with studs and rivets.
The good thing about this type of application is that you can often do it at home, in the greatest DIY style. Visit a haberdashery in your city that you will surely have many ideas for transforming items for very little money! In the case of pins and brooches, it is worth having some at home that will work on many models.


Tips for Renovating Wardrobes Without Buying

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The dyeing also comes to versatile that piece that is leaning against the bottom of the wardrobes. There are several laundries that specialize in dyeing and the piece is sure to change with a new color!
If you don’t like to repeat the same party dress a thousand times, but you love a specific model, it is very worth investing in the dyeing that will revitalize the piece. And it’s not just “special” models that deserve this care, okay? Those lighter jeans that you always wear in the same way can yield much more if they are dyed with a dark shade, for example.


Tips for Renovating Wardrobes Without Buying

Photo: @ladygirlvintage

Don’t confuse reforms with adjustments, see? The adjustments are to maintain the original model, but renovating parts is a world apart. Dresses turn into skirts, skirts become blouses, blouses into tops and so on ?
I usually do a lot of renovations on pieces I buy at thrift stores! We often love the print, but the modeling is very dated and does not have much to do with our style. The tip is to ask for directions from excellent seamstresses (the) who will be able to help you at that time!

Test new combinations

Tips for Renovating Wardrobes Without Buying

Photo: Song of Style

Have you done all of this and it’s still hard to use? There’s no secret: go in front of the mirror and try new combinations! It is tiring at first, but I swear that only by trying it you will discover dozens of possibilities. Test new color combinations, overlays, accessories and even proportions – who says that wide with wide never works? And if none of this happens, better move on!
So, do you have any more cheap tips that can transform the possibilities of combinations ?!

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