Tips for Verrines

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Verrine is a way of serving / presenting preparations in small or relatively small portions. These are individual portions served in glasses, cups, which in this way demonstrate themselves as a special care and attention to those who will receive dessert.
Serving food in bowls / glasses gives height to the preparations and, in addition, allows the appreciation of the visual aspect like no other form of service, holding it in hands as if you enjoy a harvested fruit. It is not necessary to add some ingredients with the function of thickening the verrines, since the person who will give shape (body) to the preparation is the “glass”. Thus verrines are ways to simplify and possibly reduce the use of additives and preparation time, a way to streamline service, therefore, savings.
The forms of verrine assemblies are unlimited, but here are some tips:
Sweet salty: Do not limit the use of verrines only for desserts, some entradinhas are very charming in verrines too!
fraise-basilic-verrines-ickfdFraise Basilic
Visual contrast: It is good to use layers with contrasting colors and textures to be able to abuse the exposure that verrines offer.
veryblush-verrine-ickfdVery Blush
Aromas: Spices and herbs are the main ways to give aroma to cold preparations. Besides them, we have the citrus zest and some fruits among other options. If possible, reserve space on the top layer to add aromatic elements. Suddenly even to flambé, who knows?
Glasses and cups: It can be interesting both to use a uniform pattern and to use different models in the same service, containing the same volume of dessert (so as not to have a fight).
Diagonal: In the case of creams, mousses, jellies, delicacies and other preparations that will settle over time, you can tilt the glasses to generate desired visual effects. Expect to firm up completely to add new layers.
hintofvanilla-blogspot-caHint of Vanilla
Variety: Cake, cream, ice cream, sponge cake, mousse, biscuit flour, syrups and fruit jellies, ganaches … Here on the website you can find an infinite number, recombine your favorites and assemble your verrines. The one below was made with granola and yogurt, click here for the recipe!
Uncomplicated Special Event at dessert time: Invite loved ones to a special dinner, make the verrines and leave them all assembled in the refrigerator. When it comes to serving dessert, no more unmolding, assembling and slicing dishes! Enjoy your visits, conversations and all the contrasts of the moment.
Top photo: Ichigo shortcakes

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