Tips that will facilitate your trip to Mallorca

Tips that will facilitate your trip to Mallorca

In addition to booking hotels and tickets in advance, two essential things on any trip, it is important to check some other important points at your destination. To avoid surprises and not have to go after anything in a hurry, it is worth reserving a few more things before boarding, see? In Mallorca, Paulo and I noticed some basic needs and decided to share them with you to make your trip even easier ?


First of all, it’s worth taking a look at the post on essential travel items. It may sound silly, but it is very important to write them down so as not to leave out of your checklist. Now, talking about Mallorca, here are our tips:

Rent a car


Photo – @mikutas

Virtually all of our travel on the island was by car, but because we went on a Press Trip we did a lot of tours with drivers or even by taxi. Now, if your intention is to really get to know Mallorca and not just rest on a beach, renting a car will be much cheaper than doing everything by taxi.
Of course, there are also options for tourist buses, but in our opinion it is much nicer to make your own schedules. Researching the Torrent de Pareis, for example, I saw that in the middle of the morning and in the middle of the afternoon the beach is crowded, so it is much more interesting to know the region very early or at the end of the day (as we did).
As in most places, in Mallorca there are great rental companies at Son Sant Joan airport (Palma de Mallorca). It is worth reserving the car in advance, see? As in the rest of the world, the cheapest cars always sell out first, and if you are in high season, it is much better to have everything right with the reservation.
In addition, several rental companies do not even require prepayment, that is, the cost will be exactly the same and you will not need to go through any trouble. The best rated rental companies in the region are Sixt Rent a Car and the famous Hertz.

Mobile chip


Foto – Pinterest

We have already shown in several vlogs and posts how the internet is essential in our travels. I know that for many people this item is also a mandatory requirement and that’s why I decided to talk about it. In addition to choosing hotels with good wifi, it is very important for us to have a 3G or 4G chip. Before traveling, you can already buy an international chip here in Brazil – EasySIM4U and My SIM Travel offer some options that work in more than 100 countries.
However, what Paulo and I usually do is buy a prepaid chip at the destination. In Spain, the three largest telephone operators are Orange, Vodafone and Movistar. All of them offer prepaid chips for certain periods (usually 30 days) and our tip is to invest more in internet data than in calls, after all with a good internet you can call via whatsapp, skype, messenger…

Take it in the suitcase


Picture – @GirlVsGlobe

In addition to bikinis, swimwear, beach outings and flip flops, some other items cannot be left out of your suitcase. Good tennis, for example, is indispensable! In Mallorca, there are several hiking options and, of course, having adequate footwear allows you to walk through some of them without thinking twice ?
In addition, sunscreen and sunglasses are mandatory items on any trip, right? I, who went in the spring, already had to keep these two little things in my purse, imagine in the summer …
Incredibly, another piece that cannot be missing is a light cardigan style cardigan. Several beaches are surrounded by cliffs and, on them, there are incredible viewpoints that are quite windy. As you may have noticed in the last vlog, there was a lot of wind at Mirador es Colomer (Formentor) and the jacket was really essential.

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