To Consume Less Industrialized Products
To consume less industrialized products

To Consume Less Industrialized Products

I imagine that all of you know the harms of super industrialized products, right? After all, packages and seemingly innocent cans can do a damned harm to our health. So it is always good to avoid consuming foods like these.
Thinking about it, today we are going to share with you some
homemade recipes and tips that can replace the version found on supermarket shelves. Ready?

Homemade yogurt

Photo: Oh So Delicious

One of the most common products on our breakfast tables is, without a doubt, yogurt. To prepare a homemade and delicious alternative to it, you only need a liter of fresh milk and a jar of unsweetened natural yogurt, as we explained to you in the full post with homemade yogurt recipe.
Once ready, save a little of this homemade version for when you will reproduce the recipe again. The end result is delicious and is as creamy as the more industrialized version ?

Hazelnut cream

The beloved nutella can also be made at home and with a very simple step-by-step. Mine

hazelnut cream recipe, for example, takes less than half an hour to complete. For the texture to reach the ideal point, it is necessary to leave the preparation in the refrigerator for about 8 hours. After that period, your only duty will be to delight this wonderful Homemade Nutella.

Own garden

Photo: Fresh Mommy Blog

Now, an independent recipe tip. For very fresh, tasty and pesticide free spices, how about having a mini vegetable garden at home? In addition to making your kitchen charming, the food will taste even better.
These spices can be planted in pots, cans, cups or any other type of container – just let your creativity flow!


Enjoy the preparation of homemade yogurt to make a granola of your dreams! Here on the website you will find two options: one with

yellow fruits and another more traditional. Both versions are delicious and accompany yogurt very well, bringing a flavor and crispness that make all the difference.

Milk sweet

Last but not least, the

milk sweet! This velvety and full of flavored cream is super easy to make and tastes even better when prepared at home. It takes a little patience to wait for the milk to cook, but the final sweet makes all the preparation time worthwhile.
So, what do you think of the idea of ​​consuming less processed foods and preparing them at home? At first this can be a difficult task. But, after a while you will be in the habit of avoiding buying products like these at the supermarket.

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