To Decorate: Flaked Almonds

To Decorate: Flaked Almonds

Want a reason to add flaked almonds to your desserts? Here are three: they add a lot of flavor, crispness and still work as great decorative elements ?
They can be the perfect ending to that dessert with a simpler face, you know? To prove that any candy is more appetizing with the ingredient, I selected 5 ways to use it!


A simple dumpling without filling is much more charming with the chips, huh? Aah, a little bit of powdered icing sugar also makes a difference!

To Decorate: Flaked Almonds

Photo: The Kitchen Alchemist

You can also use almonds as ornaments in a more sophisticated decor. A light topping of whipped cream or butter cream works to stick the chips!

To Decorate: Flaked Almonds

Photo: Whisk Kid


Almonds go perfectly with rustic pies, right? Galettes, as they are called in France, are usually stuffed with coarsely chopped fruit and flaked almonds bring that touch of sophistication to the measure.

To Decorate: Flaked Almonds

Photo: Let The Baking Begin Blog

Like the idea? I have some amazing galette recipes here on the site to inspire you. Cherry and Blueberry; Strawberry and Peach; and Integral with Gluten-Free Apple / Milk are some of them ?


Have you ever thought about decorating those dried fruit truffles (or even chocolate truffles) with the almonds in crushed lacquers? The decor is rustic, but still with that Christmas touch!

To Decorate: Flaked Almonds

Photo: Let’s Brighten Up


Choose your favorite brownie recipe, add processed almonds to the dough and finish with the chips! Besides being delicious, the decoration is very simple to make fazer

To Decorate: Flaked Almonds

Photo: She Wears Many Hats


Even the liquids work with the chips, see? I’m sure your smoothie will be even more irresistible with fresh berries on top and that original touch of almonds!

To Decorate: Flaked Almonds

Photo: Yuliya Gontar

Did you see how simple things can transform the presentation of your dessert? We don’t need much to make it beautiful on a special occasion ?

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