To fix the eyebrows
To fix the eyebrows

To fix the eyebrows

Leaving the eyebrows flawless and well done is essential for the makeup to look good. Everyone who has had problems when making eyebrows or correcting with products knows well that a little mistake changes everything. That is why it is necessary to be very careful when touching this delicate part of the face.

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The first step is always to choose a good professional when making eyebrows. I know that a lot of people have “cleaned” their eyebrows at home for years, but if you want to change their shape, it is very necessary to find someone who knows how to define the design that best suits your face. There are people who look great with arched eyebrows, others with a more natural shape and some people even match the straighter ones – never compare your eyebrows with someone else’s, sometimes what looks great on your friend may not be the best option for you.

Photo – Teen Times

Although I prefer to do it with a professional, when we are on the run sometimes it is good to give a basic correction at home. In these extreme cases, what I recommend is just to touch the hairs that are well away from the original design, never remove those that are close. As I am very afraid to wiggle my eyebrows alone, I use and abuse the miraculous products they sell around: there are specific gel, palettes, pencils…

I confess that I am more a fan of powder products for this area of ​​the face, but there are people who love eyeliner pens, for example. I think all of this is very personal – some love a more delicate and natural design, others prefer more marked and dramatic eyebrows.

Which products do I recommend?

Despite using more palettes with specific shades, all these products are excellent for correcting eyebrows ?

  1. Nature
  2. To benefit
  3. Maybelline
  4. Fills
  5. Who said, Berenice?

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