To Make Table Décor More Charming

To Make Table Décor More Charming

To decorate the table Or the kitchen, pot rests it’s from cups make all the difference! It may seem a bit silly detail, but they manage to bring more life and personality to the space. When colored or with prints, the result is even more incredible.
As for tables, other types of rest such as cutlery are also super welcome. However, in this case, they should be used for more sophisticated meals. After all, we don’t usually use a cutlery backer in our day-to-day lives, right?

To Make Table Décor More Charming

Photo: Umbra via Pinterest

I already told you a little about serving boards and the versatility of the jars, and now it’s time for the utensil holders that are essential inside any kitchen ?


To Make Table Décor More Charming

Photo: Minumo

Like jars and planks, pot and cup rests can also be used as decoration. If you have a cute kettle that you never wanted to use so it wouldn’t spoil, how about putting it under a pot holder and leaving it as decorative object? I guarantee you it will look really cute!
This tip also applies to more different pots and jars that give a different touch to the environment. Even spider veins combine with this type of support depending on the style of each one ?

For the pans

In my view, the pan rest is a indispensable accessory for any home. Especially because a dish or another always ends up going to the table. Therefore, it is essential that hot pots are supported on something to prevent damage to the towel or the surface of the table or sink.
In addition, this type of piece can give a new look to the table setting. Items with golden details or geometric shapes, for example, are beautiful and versatile. As we usually use light dishes or with more neutral tones, a touch of color transforms the decor.

Detail for the cups

To Make Table Décor More Charming

Photos: Crate and Barrel and Sugar and Cloth

When it comes to preparing a beautiful table for visitors, we always end up doing more. The cup holders are a very discreet and interesting way to bring more originality to the final arrangement, leaving you with your face. For a more rustic decor, for example, wooden cup holders are a hit.

Where to find?

To Make Table Décor More Charming
1- Rest of copious tible tiles at Muma – R $ 85,00
2- Copper bent rest at Tok & Stok – R $ 62.50
3- Blue isa pan rest on Collector – R $ 45.00
4- Cutlery support set at Privalia – R $ 55.90
5- Pulse copper pan rest at Muma – R $ 52.00
6- Lisbon silverware set at Theodora Home – R $ 120,00
7- Palao coasters at SouQ – R $ 29.00
8- Kitchen pan rest at StoreHouse – R $ 53.00
9- Handwritten pan rest at StoreHouse – R $ 86.00
10- Coffee cup coaster at Tok & Stok – R $ 39.90

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