To Nurture Self-Care and Maintain Mental Health

To Nurture Self-Care and Maintain Mental Health

With so many tasks to perform, information to consume and family and friends to pay attention to, we think little of ourselves in the rush of routine. Still, we get the feeling that we could be being more productive, happier, more complete. And therein lies the danger. We take our body and mind to exhaustion, trying to fill all those invisible categories imposed by societies that define what it is to be happy. But at what cost?
Take time to take care of your mental health and create a routine self-care it means letting go of some other seemingly essential task. And it’s okay. Do it! We need to dedicate time to ourselves, even if it is for five or ten minutes each day. Who has no idea where to start can put into practice at least one of the suggestions we have listed!

Be kind to yourself

The same look of affection that we direct to those we love should also be turned to ourselves. Have you ever stopped to think that our mind is often our worst enemy? We doubt our ability, we criticize our appearance, we compare our lives with the food other people’s Instagram. We never seem to be well enough.
Think about all those bad feelings you have about your life and try to keep them away. It is not easy, I know. It is a job that takes time and needs to be constant. But be sure to be aware of the good things that surround you. Try to include in the routine
something that brings you joy, celebrate even small achievements and focus your attention on what brings you tranquility and lightness. Be kind. With others, and with yourself.

Discover the concept of full attention

“When we look at the outside world, we are seeing only the small part of it that interests us. The world we see is not the entire universe, but a limited part that the mind cares about. However, to our mind, that small part of the world is the entire Universe. Our reality is not the Cosmos, which expands infinitely, but the small part of it in which we decide to focus our attention. Reality exists because our mind exists. Without the mind there would be no Universe. ”
This is one of the excerpts from the book The Things You Only See When You Slow Down, by the monk Haemin Sunim. And what we can learn from it is that our mind focuses on what we direct our attention and energy to. That is why it is important to always be aware of the present moment, focusing as much as we can on our tasks.
The concept of
mindfulness this is exactly it. Keep our mind in the present, dedicating all our attention to each moment that we are living. It may sound silly, but it makes a lot of difference. We often despair about the future or regret the past, but what really matters is what is happening now. Like the fact that, at that moment, you devote your time to reading this text.
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Control your breathing

Controlling your breathing is a very simple exercise and can be done anywhere. In situations of nervousness or anxiety, for example, focus on air flow of your body and try to keep your breathing slow. It is not for nothing that when we are stressed people have the habit of saying “take a deep breath”. Really works!
It is also worth putting this “training” into practice before starting important tasks. That way, you can empty your mind a little, calm down and focus all your attention on the present moment.
This habit can be built with the help of
meditation, a practice known precisely for working with concentration. If you want a little push or help when meditating, download one of these apps with guided meditations. Here are some options:, Cingulate and 5 minutes.

List three things you are grateful for

For some time now we have heard the word a lot gratitude. Even though it seems a little trivialized, it has a meaning that must always be stuck in our head: to be grateful for the moments, experiences and things that life gives us. And gratitude needs to be a daily exercise. But how?
Set aside a notebook just to write down the things for which you are grateful. Write from the smallest details to the most incredible achievements. You can be grateful to taste a chocolate, to be in the company of someone you love, or to be happy with your own company. There are no rules. Think of everything that makes your heart warm and write it down on paper. Is it nice to do this exercise at the same time, so choose the time of day and make it a routine?

To Nurture Self-Care and Maintain Mental Health

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Don’t forget your physical well-being

Physical activities they are also great allies of our mental health. In addition to doing good for our body, practicing some exercises causes our brain to release hormones such as endorphins, responsible for the balance of our emotions and pain relief. A simple walk is a great start, especially if done outdoors.
We must also not forget the yoga. The practice is based on ancient techniques and brings benefits not only for the body, but also for our mental well-being. The idea of ​​yoga goes beyond simple movements and positions, as many people think. It is also about self-knowledge, integration of body and mind and consciousness. As there are several types, I recommend that you search for each one and try to find the one you most identify with.

Seek medical help

Although all these tips are important for our mental health, nothing can replace the professional help. Often we do not even imagine that we need medical care, but the truth is that therapy is fundamental for every human being. Some need more sessions, others less. There is no rule here either.
If you don’t have the money to pay for a psychologist, look for places that offer this service for free, like in universities. And if you need
help urgently, call the number 188. It is free, confidential, and you will get in touch with one of the employees of the Valuing Life Center.
Although September is the
suicide prevention month, we should talk about mental health all year. About 96.8% of suicide cases are related to mental disorders, that’s why it’s so important to take care of our psychological health and also show support and support for friends and family.
You are not alone ?

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