To Spend Time Offline

To Spend Time Offline

How about spending time off? This may seem like a difficult task for most people, but it is really necessary. I believe that everyone today is aware of the amount of information and content that we consume and produce.
To take a break from this super hectic routine, take a few days to put your moments away from the Internet as a priority. We are not always able to be aware of the time spent in the virtual world, so try to make the most of your Internet hours with those outside. Oh, and take the suggestions that I will give now as goals for the rest of the year!

Take a trip

To Spend Time Offline
How about disconnecting a little while traveling? Paulo and I did this at the end of 2017 and we will repeat the experience this year. The destination we chose to relax in was Kuna Yala! I confess that we enjoyed the experience much more, since we did not record many videos and did not have an Internet connection most of the time.
As we work with social networks, we had to get everything ready before we could take these days out. However, all the effort before the long-awaited vacation is well worth it. Oh, and since you’re going to be in a completely new place or different from your daily life, you won’t even miss the Internet much. After all, every minute in a different region should be spent exploring and touring the place.

Contact with nature

To Spend Time Offline
There is nothing better than reconnecting with nature and enjoying what our planet has to offer. We are always so connected in automatic mode that we don’t even realize so many beautiful landscapes close to us. It is worth mentioning that this problem is even more serious by people who, like me, live in a big city.
Whenever you have the opportunity, take a walk more connected to nature. Even going to the park counts! Walking outdoors or cycling are other very simple activities that can be done constantly ?

Read a book

To Spend Time Offline

Photo: David Iskander

Entertainment and knowledge are just two of the main benefits of reading a book. So, set aside a few hours from your day and dedicate them to reading. It may not seem like it, but that one minute seeing the feed of your favorite social network turns into hours. So, fill some of that time with books or magazines, for example.

Make appointments

To Spend Time Offline
In such a hectic and busy routine, we forgot to take the time to spend with our family and friends. For that reason, make the most of your vacation to catch up with the people you love.
Do that “are we going to make an exit sometime?” to happen. Oh, and most importantly: put your cell phone aside while you’re with these people. Enjoy the moment and don’t worry so much about what could be happening in the virtual world.


To Spend Time Offline

Photo: Leighann Renee

After a year of accumulating clothes, objects and other types of junk, detachment becomes inevitable. Look around you and ask the question “of all this, what do I really need?” This concept is something more linked to minimalism, but that does not mean that you need to get rid of practically everything you own.
Separate those items that have not been used for a long time or that, for you, are no longer so useful. This is the kind of thing we only do when we are moving. However, it should be done at least annually!

Spa day

To Spend Time Offline
Nothing better than taking a part of the day to take care of ourselves, right? For those who are able to pay for a spa, reserve a time during the holidays. We have already made some suggestions here on the spas website in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.
If you can’t spend that money, make the Spa Day in your own home! Separate some bath products and creams, put on some relaxing music and take care of your skin. Doing this type of activity has benefits even for our mental health, since another goal of Spa Day is to relax our body and mind.

Make a dessert

To Spend Time Offline
Have you ever imagined preparing a delicious dessert? Besides the process being fun, the result will probably be super tasty. Even those who say they don’t like to cook should try to do something to sweeten their lives a little!
Here on the website, for example, you will find several incredible recipes, some of them very simple. If you are more interested in confectionery, I recommend that you buy my book For a Sweeter Life to have a very special selection of sweets.

Discover a new hobby

To Spend Time Offline
Look for new activities that leave you with a warm heart! Hobbies are essential, especially to do something that makes you happy and without necessarily being connected to work. Cooking, learning a new physical activity or dancing are some very practical examples that anyone can try.

Explore your city

To Spend Time Offline
Have you heard of the term flâneur? Maybe that’s what you need! The term is French and means to stroll or walk aimlessly. It is used to explain people who walk around the city in a more experimental way, looking at different corners and discovering new places.
And truth be told: we only do this type of tour when we visit a different city. For this reason, try to walk around your city as if it were your first time in it. Discover more sights, go to museums, try a new dish in a different restaurant. There are many tours to be done out there!


To Spend Time Offline

Photo: STIL

Being organized takes time and can be a little boring. However, this is a very important habit, especially to be able to balance all aspects of your life, such as work and leisure.
I gave some tips on how to get 2019 organized in a post here on the site. Try to put at least two of the tips into practice and see how they will make a big difference! Abuse offline time to organize your routine and also set goals to be achieved throughout the year.
Prepared to make a detox the Internet and social networks? I promise this experience will be incredible for all of you ?

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