To Use Now: Ring Handles!

To Use Now: Ring Handles!

It is not new for those who follow me on the channel, the insta and / or here on the website that my favorite handbag models are always small. I’m not the type of person who goes out with the whole house in the bag, so the more practical the better!
It is precisely for this reason that I am always looking for small bags with unique design. Since the accessory is basically indispensable in any look, better to invest in interesting models, right? I usually opt for more vibrant colors, varied applications and textures, but for a while now I saw that you can also bet on different handles ?

To Use Now: Ring Handles!

Photo: Fashion Carpet

The loops in the ring style caught my attention a lot, after all, they come out a little bit from the obvious, but they are not that extravagant. It’s that little detail that makes the composition more charming, you know?
I believe that the best known models of this “trend” are Nile and Nile Minaudiere (pictured), both from Chloé. Of course, after the crash of these pieces all over the world, many versions with the same proposal appeared on the market and currently there is no shortage of alternatives for the most varied styles and pockets, of course.


The thin and metal rings certainly bring an air of sophistication and instant elegance to the look. This type of model goes very well in small smooth leather or suede bags that follow this more classic line.
Despite being striking, accessories in this style are timeless and extremely versatile, ranging from everyday look to more formal production. I guess it just can’t be used at weddings, because the rest is just using creativity, see?


Do you have a more casual and / or fashionista style? There are also incredible options! The wooden and resin rings bring a cooler touch to the production, right? The mix of materials like leather or even plastic is perfect for a look cool!


Now, if you are already thinking about summer or have a more boho style, the rustic versions are also wonderful. Straw models get a lot more personality with the round structured handle, don’t they? The pieces can go from the beach to the restaurant without any problem ?


To prove that there are models for the most varied styles, I made an incredible selection of 10 pieces that you can buy right now!
To Use Now: Ring Handles!
1- AMARO Round Detail Clutch – R $ 99.90
2- Artestore’s Straw Bag at Dafiti – R $ 189.89
3- Andrea Muller Chess Bag at Farfetch – R $ 955.00
4- Cross Bag with ring and removable handle at C&A – R $ 129.99
5- Bruna bag by Mônica Salgado da Soleah – R $ 611.00
6- Transverse Smartbag Bag at Zattini – R $ 409.90
7- Schutz Vicky Ring Bag – R $ 790.00
8- Knitted Straw Bag by Artestore at Dafiti – R $ 199.90
9- Clutch Details Rings from AMARO – R $ 139.90
10- Disco Bag of Luiza Brasil by Soleah – R $ 219.80

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