Too fat for a child This woman is losing 70 pounds to get pregnant!

Too fat for a child This woman is losing 70 pounds to get pregnant!

Doctors told her she was too fat to have a baby. But a child is her dearest wish and so the young woman halved her weight with a controversial method.

Due to extreme overweight, the British Toni Osborn cannot get pregnant according to the doctors. But the now 30-year-old wants nothing more than a child. She and her boyfriend tried to have a child for four years.

A particularly drastic experience then opened her eyes. She went to her family doctor and he told her that she couldn’t get pregnant because she was overweight. The doctor went on to explain that she was obese and that she urgently needed to lose weight as she was at increased risk of a heart attack or stroke, Osborn told the British Daily Mail.

A drastic decision

After seeing the doctor, the 30-year-old decided to see a nutritionist, but that didn’t help either. Therefore, the young woman dared to take a drastic step in order to be able to fulfill her dream of having a child after all: She underwent gastric band surgery. But her boyfriend separated from her just a few weeks before the operation.

But Osborne was not deterred. In just eleven months, she lost 50 pounds. She also met her great love Kieran through a dating app.

And her greatest wish came true – just a few months later, she was pregnant. In November 2016, their son Harvey was born. Toni Osborne weighs just under 95 kilos today and is overjoyed with her figure as well as her dream child.


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