Top 3: best dressed at the 2016 Vogue Ball
Top 3 best dressed at the 2016 vogue ball

Top 3: best dressed at the 2016 Vogue Ball

Yesterday there was another edition of the Vogue Ball at Hotel Unique, in São Paulo. This is certainly one of the most famous carnival balls in the country and everyone is waiting like crazy photos on Instagram to see who used the best looks – and I’m one of those, haha!
This year the theme was Pop Africa and there were many beautiful people who ended up running away from the proposal. Of course, there were people who nailed it and I couldn’t help but comment, right? Look at my Top 3:

Thassia Naves


Photos – Reproduction / Instagram: @thassianaves

Guys, how can you not LOVE Thassia’s look? Without a doubt, she was the one I loved the most! It was simply spotless from head to toe! The dress is ma-ra-vi-son-so, full of minute details, with a sparkle and breathtaking texture! I loved the fabric, the color and the modeling with the cover and everything!
What about the make and this head? Thassia did an incredible reinterpretation of Cleopatra, exactly the “Pop Africa” proposal that I had commented on. There was no way to give the top to someone else!
Ah, before I forget, the dress belongs to Ateliê Dina Barcelos and the make up to Junior Mendes!

Camila Coelho


Photos – Reproduction / Instagram: @camilacoelho

Camila was also amazing! I loved the hairstyle all braided with ribbons and the beautiful makeup, super vibrant! The dress is inspired by traditional African attire Dashiki, that is, super within the theme.

The dress is amazingly shaped and fit Camila like a glove. The strategic embroideries are perfect for a gala costume at the carnival: vivid tones in the ideal measure!

The dress is from Trinitá, Jimmy Paladino’s make-up (Marcos Proença’s salon) and the divine hair was done by Didier Sé.

Sabrina Sato


Photos – Vogue

Sabrina Sato always incredible and causing controversy with the clothes (or lack of them)! I found the costume super fun and let’s agree that it always dares, right? There is no use complaining, because she can – and a lot! There’s no use trying to speak ill, Sabrina was awesome !!
Her stylist is Yan Acioli, the costume is by Henrique Filho, Rodrigo Costa’s make-up and Ale Fagundes and Jean Ricardo’s hair.
So, did you like the looks? Is there anyone else you would put here? Tell us in the comments!

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