Top 5 bedside tables

Top 5 bedside tables

Bedside tables are essential elements both in the organization and decoration of a room. They make our lives easier, since everything we need most is at hand. But why not get out of the basics and choose a table that suits you?
I separated 5 amazing pieces for you to be inspired!

Picture – Constance Zahn

A clean and sophisticated room calls for striking elements, but that don’t steal the show. The mirrored dresser is the best option for a decoration like this. It helps to enlarge the environment, it is super elegant and at the same time discreet.
The 4 drawers are great because they help a lot when it comes to storing documents or even more clothes (if you are the type to spread clothes all over the house)!

Picture – every girl

If you need a functional piece, the hanging trays are incredible! In addition to being versatile – since they can go anywhere in the house – they are super neutral and you can leave the decor the way you like it best.
Play with printed details or in a stronger color, in this case golden!

Photo – Revista Casa (April)

If you do the most fashionable and cool line, how about a table full of personality? Just take a black spray and adapt it in the way that has the most to do with you! DIY tables are incredible, because in addition to being unique, they are exactly what you are looking for!

Photo – Revista Casa (April)

If your room is more modern and full of color, how about choosing a yellow dresser? I’m a fan of color in spots in the house and yellow gives even more life to furniture and environments. Vintage design took on a new face with this paint, didn’t it?

Photo – Carla Aston

If the reference you are looking for is retro, nothing better than a chest / table. Useful and with incredible design, they are perfect when used as furniture! The best thing is that there are different sizes and heights – if your bed is taller, how about choosing two chests of different sizes and combining them?
I’m already full of ideas! And you?

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