Top 5 decorated dishes

Top 5 decorated dishes

Those who follow my videos know that I am passionate about ceramics and decorated dishes. In addition to being super functional, they make the decoration of both dishes and cuisine much finer and more beautiful. That’s why I decided to make this top 5 of ateliers and studios for those who also love original pieces!

Atelier Muriqui Ceramics

The atelier’s ceramic pieces are very original and extremely delicate. The differentiated texture of each production is what draws the most attention! Everything is personalized and tailored to the client’s profile. The handcrafted and rustic touch is evident in all the pieces.

Hideko Honma

Hideko’s studio is visited by respected Brazilian Chefs, such as Alex Atala. The enamel used is made of vegetable ash, completely natural. Earthy tones predominate, as well as the organic design of ceramic pieces.

Roberta Cardoso

The designer’s HandMade line is incredible. Roberta does a very handmade and colorful job. The porcelain dishes are hand painted and besides being cute, they make the kitchens more elegant. You even want to make that amazing dish and serve it in one of these models, right?

Studio Heloisa Galvão

In addition to working with kitchen utensils, Heloisa also uses her creativity for vases in the same style. The uneven edges and very fine porcelain are the trademarks of the designer. Its pieces bring sophistication to your home and dishes.


The studio has a wide variety of utensils ranging from the most fun to the finest. Births, glasses, mugs, salt shakers … No matter what piece you are looking for, you will always be surprised and delighted with the result of the dishes.
This makes it easy to make your dishes beautiful!

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