Top Chef Revenge of the Neighbors – Made in France

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Top Chef the revenge of the neighbors: no, I wasn’t looking for an excuse to gluttony yet. It is a real combination of circumstances. They were both in front of me to be smart, to congratulate themselves, to proclaim themselves cordon bleu, best cook on the floor. And I had just slipped confidential information, fun and exciting at the same time. Understand me, I couldn’t resist.

First of all, let me put all these ideas in place. There is JC and Denis, neighbors, who only talk about good food, who exchange the best addresses in the capital and who always find a good excuse to taste together the latest creation of the trendy pastry chef. Personally, I have no problem with it. Even better, I see an opportunity … Especially when I am told that The French jacquard and The French Brief collaborate to create a crazy apron for Father’s Day.

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V1 – Top Chef the revenge of the neighbors! / How did we get there ?

Yes, that’s my excuse to put them in the kitchen and finally decide between them. I don’t need much. And to them either probably because I had not even finished my sentence they both rolled mechanics trying to intimidate the other. This parade alone would have been worth filming. But I contented myself with filming the challenge: Top Chef the revenge of the neighbors!

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The cook’s kit consists of the apron, a tea towel and an oven mitt.

But before D-Day we had to prepare and brainstorm. With Mathieu, 10 years ago, we decided together to choose the object of the challenge. We quickly came to an agreement. Indeed, we wanted to impose one ingredient per service: salmon for the main course and coconut for dessert. We slapped each other in the hand and then went back to see our two swaggers.

A few days later, I get the aprons and we set a date. The plan seems to be working wonderfully. Then, JC admits to me that Mathieu sold him the wick no more than ten minutes after our decision… Nice little one!

V2 – Top Chef the revenge of the neighbors – Made in France! / Thank you Mathieu

Honestly, I thank him because it just made me want to take it a step further. All the same, the creators of the apron at the origin of this story had one thing in common: their French origin, which they both wore proudly even in their name. So why not take the opportunity to find the theme of the challenge. This is how I asked Denis and JC to cook only French products and from Made in France utensils. This is how Bon Clem Top Chef Revenge of the Neighbors – Made in France was imagined!

In order to make sure not to taste a raw egg and a Gariguettes salad, Staub joined our whimsical adventure and equipped each cordon bleu wannabe with one of his sublime casseroles made (available on Amazon) in France.

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Cooking Made in France

Well, I admit it to you, it is possible that there was a little cheating. But let’s be real, my worktop was not made in France and I was not going to redo my entire kitchen for an episode of Bon Clem!

At home, the household appliances are Swedish (Electrolux) while at Denis, it’s De Dietrich in Perene furniture (French). The neighbor left with a few patriotic points in advance!

But beyond household appliances and furniture, they cooked Made in France with incredible casseroles made in Alsace, protected by their Le jacquard Français x Le Slip Français apron and good ingredients from our hexagon.

Top Chef Revenge of the Neighbors – Made in France

The appointment is made: Saturday, 10 am in the courtyard of the building. It was difficult for the groundhog that I am but, the glutton that I am too, was delighted. I give them their equipment: an apron and a casserole dish. Then I unveil the theme of the Top Chef challenge, the revenge of the neighbors: Made in France cuisine. Let’s go. Here they are launched in a mad race among the merchants of the district and in the alleys of the Market. Back in their respective apartments, I have fun going from one to the other to discover their recipes.

Cooking Made in France with Staub

This is the incredible discovery I made thanks to this challenge! Indeed, I was not too familiar with the subject of the Staub cast iron casserole dish. And there, my two friends, through their recipes taught me a lot of things.

JC has launched into a kind of veal, asparagus and gnocchi. The meat was first seared in the casserole dish on our ceramic hobs. Then, JC put the meat in the oven without having to change the container. A comfortable detail!

Denis meanwhile made a Thai shrimp soup with coconut milk. The recipe has been specially designed for Staub. He found it on the site of the academy of taste.

For dessert, JC played without our favorite French casserole dish. But Denis regaled us with an additional use of the Staub. Indeed, he made brioches with pink pralines, all of the cooking of which was done in cast iron, induction hobs in the oven. This dessert, beyond being delicious, well illustrated the different uses of the casserole and the incredible properties of cast iron.

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Lamp // Apron // Cocotte (available on Amazon) // Cutlery (available on Amazon) // Water glasses.

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