Total protection this summer

Total protection this summer


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Summer comes and at that time all skin care is little. No going out to the pool or beach without any protectors, see? It doesn’t matter if you are white or a lot darker, the sun and the UVA and UVB rays are extremely harmful to your health.
Don’t forget to take your products anywhere and reapply them. In addition to protecting the skin from these rays, the protectors are no longer as sticky as in the past. You have no excuse not to use it!

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The face is the most sensitive part of our body and is the one that is most exposed. It is always necessary to apply the protector, even if it is just a lump – and it’s not just in the summer, see? There are options with color (for those who can’t do without a foundation), dry for oily skin and some even help in the treatment of spots.
On the body it is also essential to pass protectors with factors greater than SPF 30!

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Many people forget that hair also suffers a lot from overexposure at this time of year. In addition to moisturizing a lot both in the salon and at home, it is nice to have some repair oils, hydration ampoules and specific creams for the season.
If your hair is dyed or bleached, talk to your hairdresser about the necessary care in the pool (chlorine does real damage) or on the beach (salt, water and sand also dry out the hair).

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If there’s a part of the body that we always forget to take care of, it’s the lips. A lot of people get covered with body protectors, apply hair cream, wear sunglasses, but forget that the mouth also suffers a lot from the sun. There are hundreds of powerful lip balms to keep you out of your need at that time. Don’t forget to take them to the beach, okay?
To help you, I selected some of my favorite and very strong protectors – specific for our intense summer. Look that:

  1. L’Oréal Professionnel Solar Sublime Spray – Leave-In
  2. Anthelios Airlicium SPF 70 with or without color from La Roche-Posay
  3. Capital Soleil – SPF 50 by Vichy
  4. Nivea Sun Protect & Moisturizes SPF 30 Lotion
  5. Avène Stick SPF 30 Lip Protector

Buy yours and leave it in your bag. I’m sure you will need it!

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