Touch of color in the decoration

Touch of color in the decoration

If there’s one thing that animates any decor, it’s color! And I’m not saying that the house needs to be all colorful and extravagant, on the contrary.
Color accents on some furniture can make all the difference – plus give it a super touch Fun without atmosphere!
How about getting inspired in some environments?

Photo – Casa das Amigas

A water green sofa brings much more lightness to the room. This mixture with the patterned armchair makes the house much more relaxed! The color of the sofa is what draws the most attention, because it is super cheerful, but nothing very impressive.


Photo – Estadão

The table with hot pink feet becomes the highlight of the decoration. If it were whole in the same tone, it might have weighed on the environment, but the contrast with the wood was incredible!


Photo – Follow the Colors

A panel or part of the painted wall, it doesn’t matter! Yellow is perhaps my favorite color for decorating. Everything comes to life with this tone (I love the compositions with white and gray)!


Photo – Building My Clean House

Even a super clean dining room can be more modern with a tighter blue color. The coated chairs are great options for adding color to the environments!


Photo – Oxford Porcelanas

Not only the chairs, but the stools are amazing to add color to your home! This kitchen, for example, has become much more alive with red in strategic locations.


Photo – Organized Life

The colorful bookcases and sideboards are a charm! There are several options in stores and you can even risk and paint one yourself! This tone is totally different from the usual and gives much more personality to the decoration.

So, have you decided which of your furniture you are going to color?

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