Touch of color: office wall
Touch of color office wall

Touch of color: office wall

I have said many times here on the blog that how the color of the wall can transform the environment. What I like most is being able to play with unusual tones as if they were panels and leaving the house with much more personality.
The office is usually a small corner of the bedroom or living room reserved for work. How about making it more beautiful with a touch of color?



Picture – she

The water green is a great option for those who love a more fun decoration, but do not want to risk too much! Pastel tones are incredible for this purpose. What I liked most about this environment was the “drawing” on the wall, almost like a panel! It’s easy to copy and makes the room more stylish!



Photo – Follow the Colors

Yellow is always the ideal color to bring joy to the home! The tone is vibrant, but it doesn’t tire as much as a red wall. Yellow pops out of the eye and so it’s super important not to overdo it! In this office, for example, a rectangle on the length of the shelves was enough. If the entire wall were in that color, it might be very striking!

Romantic and minimalist


Photo – Lulu e Frufru

The pink environment always brings that more romantic and delicate air. As the tone of the quartz pink is super light, you can undoubtedly paint the entire wall! In this room, the objects made all the difference, because the choices with a more minimalist design made the environment much more current – without that very little girl face.



Picture – Marianne Vennou

Dark blue is perfect for creating that more sober mood. Black would be very heavy in this environment, so the shade of blue was the best possible choice. The more closed tones compose very well with a cooler and more modern decoration.



Photo – The Uncommon Common Law

Dark gray and black look great in a more urban and industrial decor. These very strong shades look amazing in a loft, for example! Compose the environment with more metallic objects, nothing too vibrant! The lighting of this type of environment also makes all the difference – did you see how amazing the lamp was?

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