Tough but helpful.If you do this over Christmas, you won’t gain weight

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Researchers have discovered a way to reduce the chances of gaining weight over the Christmas period. It’s not exactly pleasant though …

Jogging for 20 minutes so that a meatloaf doesn’t put extra pounds on your hips? A half-hour walk to mine three fried potatoes? You have to put in this effort so that you can cut your extra calories again at Christmas. This is what scientists found out after evaluating a study. But there is another way to reduce weight gain.

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Don’t gain weight at Christmas: what does the study say?

According to the online newspaper “”, a study by experts from the University of Birmingham and the University of Loughborough has shown that that one of the most effective ways around Christmas is to weigh yourself regularly so you don’t gain weight over the holidays.

To this end, the researchers made observations on a total of 272 volunteers from November to January in 2016 and 2017 and found the following: When test subjects weighed themselves twice a week over the holidays or they learned how much exercise and effort they had to do to burn off their Christmas dinner and the extra calories that came with it, then they didn’t gain weight either.

78 percent of the participants in the study were women who were on average 44 years old. The 272 subjects were divided into two groups. One group received basic tips from the scientists, such as weighing twice a week and indications of the effort to be made to break down extra calories over Christmas. As a result, the participants in this group lost an average of 0.31 kilos.

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So you can safely feast your way through the Advent season

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These simple tricks won’t put you on weight at Christmas

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Calories at Christmas: The control group gained weight

The other group was asked to just behave and eat as they are used to. According to the scientist this control group gained around 0.37 kilos on average between November and Januarybecause they did not have the information from the researchers and therefore did not change their behavior. The results of the study were published in the British Medical Journal.

Most people gain a pound or two over the Christmas period. That doesn’t matter, and you should treat yourself to something at Christmas – you can lose weight again in the New Year …

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