Tour with the doguinhos – Brastemp and Finish

Don and Bo-boy are my two dogs. They are French bulldogs and came straight from Paris to São Paulo with me. Don is a super calm and affectionate dog, loves a lap and a morning. Do not sleep if I do not put the cloth on my side and do a little head affection. Spends all day on my feet. If I’m sitting, there he is on my foot. I got up, there he goes after me. It’s the typical mommy’s boy. The Bo-boy is the heartthrob of the house. He thinks he is the leader of the pack. Loves playing ball. I mean, we throw the ball once and if he catches it, he won’t let go. But he is well trained, he knows how to stay, lie down and jump. And he loves to play being trained. The two are quite different from each other in personality.
One is independent and astute and the other is polite and a mother’s son. But if there’s one thing they both love, it’s walking down the street. Just get the leash that the two are already at the door ready to go for a walk. I give a “stay” command, and that’s it. The two are perfect for me to put the collar on them.
I once had an English bulldog and he hated walking, he didn’t even walk a block. These two, on the other hand, despite dying from walking so far, continue and never want to stop.
Not to mention that they are very close companions, one always goes on the other side’s side and goes on and on. They also love it when we take them out to play ball in Roosevelt Square. We can spend hours there with the two of them playing ball and bringing them to us.
And now, with the gift I got from Brastemp and Finish, a beautiful dishwasher that gave me a lot more time for me to walk with my puppies, everything became even easier.
Before, I could only go out with them for half an hour at most, except on weekends. Now I spend more than an hour and a half with them on the street and they both love it. They come home and roll over, they are so tired and happy. I’m loving seeing the two healthier and more playful because of the walks.

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