Tours You Need To Do In Barcelona

Tours You Need To Do In Barcelona

Barcelona it is simply charming. In addition to the incredible cuisine, every corner of this city has a bit of history and, at the same time, a touch of unique modernity. Super blocks, for example, have given a different face to some blocks.
If you are planning to visit this very special place, we have some very interesting tips. These are areas and sights that are very worth visiting, so be sure to write down the tips ?

Carmel Bunkers

Tours You Need To Do In Barcelona

Photo: @lorves_

Those who love landscapes seen from high places will love to visit the Bunkers of Carmel. The site was previously used as a defense point for air strikes, having a 360º view of the city. In other words, strategically planned and built to defend the city as efficiently as possible.
The space spent a long time abandoned, but nowadays it receives curious people all week. The viewpoint gets even more crowded in the late afternoon, when people gather to watch the sunset.

Labyrinth Park

Tours You Need To Do In Barcelona

Photo: @katerinagft

Parc del Laberint is one of the most beautiful and different green areas in barcelona. So be sure to add this location to your itinerary. It was designed by an Italian architect around 1792 and is one of the oldest gardens in the city!
The maze is really challenging and guarantees a few minutes of fun when trying to find the exit. In addition to the greenery of the foliage, the sculptures along the entire route are also wonderful.

Barcelona Cathedral

Tours You Need To Do In Barcelona

Photo: @staygenerator

Some places in the world are so grand that they even baffle us. Barcelona Cathedral, for example, is one of those environments. The cathedral is right in the middle of the city and has impeccable Gothic architecture, full of details both on the outside and inside.
In addition to knowing all this most historic part of the space, take a few minutes to climb the cathedral roof. The view is beautiful and you will definitely take amazing pictures there.

Holy Family

Tours You Need To Do In Barcelona

Photo: @woontravel

Believe it or not, but the Sagrada Familia is even more magnificent than Barcelona Cathedral. The details seem to multiply as you get closer, seeing piece by piece of this imposing architecture.
Work done mainly by Antoni Gaudí, this monument also has Gothic characteristics and some Byzantine details. Surprisingly, the construction of the church has not yet been completed, passing through about five generations of architects. Have you ever imagined a work lasting more than 130 years?

La Boqueria

Tours You Need To Do In Barcelona

Photo: @chelseaalexa

You can’t leave Barcelona without visiting La Boqueria! This is, without a doubt, the busiest market in the city – and also one of the oldest. The space has more than 300 stalls, selling fruits, sausages, cheeses and several other traditional products of the country.
Who has ever been to Barcelona? While we don’t make videos there, be sure to watch the channel’s vlogs with tips from several incredible destinations!

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