Transformation woman loses over 50 pounds thanks to this drink

Transformation woman loses over 50 pounds thanks to this drink

Sometimes losing weight is more than a question of your figure. Because the shedding pounds show: you have your life under control again. The same happened to a young mother from Great Britain who experienced a real transformation with a drink – and lost 57 kilos.

The life of Siobhan Thornton (23) has been like a roller coaster ride in recent years. From exulting as high as the sky to saddened to death, everything was really there.

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Hard times: Depression and way too much weight

It was shortly after the birth of their daughter Tia when the downward slide began. Siobhan’s relationship fell apart and the young woman suffered more and more from depression. One of the most important reasons: She didn’t have her eating habits under control, devoured tons of fast food and put on more and more.

In the end, according to the British newspaper “Sun”, from which “” reports, among other things, she was no longer even able to leave the house – even within her own four walls, freedom was restricted. Siobhan now wore size 50. She hadn’t endured her own reflection for a long time.

Drink for the dream figure: These drinks help you lose weight.

Slimming whey

Drink whey
You will lose weight with this drink!

Whey was already considered a miracle cure for health in antiquity and is back in fashion. The watery cheese milk will even help you lose weight!

Family doctor requests: Exercise or treatment with medication

The young mother’s weight had finally reached a level that was becoming increasingly dangerous for her health. In addition to the psychological problems, there was a threat of diabetes with dire consequences. Siobhan’s family doctor ultimately gave her an ultimatum, which heralded the turning point: Either she had to be treated with anti-depressants from now on or she had to take part in regular sports.

Siobhan chose the sport. However, going to the gym was anything but easy for her. And so the question became more and more urgent: Would the motivation be enough?

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10 reasons why you just won't lose weight

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The miracle: green tea slimming drink

The answer came from an unexpected source: Siobah read on the Internet about the effects of green tea, which is widely regarded as a slimming agent. She tried it – and lost six kilos in a short time. They “just disappeared like that”, she reports and is certain that the tea was the savior: “My metabolism was totally boosted by the green tea. It could only have been because I hadn’t really improved my training. “

If you want to lose weight, you should avoid heavy food. But something small in between is definitely allowed.

Pretty woman eats strawberries

Light for in between
Healthy snacks for every day – these foods will help you lose weight

During the day you are always hungry? You can access these healthy snacks without hesitation.

Successful transformation: 57 kilos lost

To date, Siobhan has lost 57 kilograms – and thus weighs less than half of its former maximum weight. She continues to go to the gym regularly to keep her new dream figure. To this day she does not do without fast food, but keeps the enjoyment within limits.

Above all, Siobhan likes to socialize again, because the slim, beautiful mom now likes herself again – and can really be seen. What Siobhan does most of all: she drinks green tea.

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