Transport in Paris: What is the Best Option?

Transport in Paris: What is the Best Option?

To get to know the city of light, you need to have a minimum sense of how to get around the city. After all, even with the help of maps and our cell phone, it is still necessary to understand the basics of Parisian transport.
For this reason, we will quickly explain each of the options, talking about the pros and cons of each one. That way, you can choose the best alternative according to the type of trip you plan to take. Then, just enjoy Paris!

Metro and RER

Transport in Paris: What is the Best Option?

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As in New York, the Paris metro is the most efficient way to get around the city. That is, as soon as you have the opportunity, take a map of the subway or download it on your cell phone. Understanding the directions is not a complicated task and will save you a lot of time between each point. The metro usually runs from 5:30 am until 1:00 am, so rest assured about the schedule.
Another option is the RER (Regional Express Network), regional train service. It arrives in areas farther from the center, going to the airport, to Disneyland, or Versailles, for example.
NOTE: To download the subway map, take a look at these application options.

Uber or taxi

Transport in Paris: What is the Best Option?

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As almost everywhere in the world, the Uber it is almost always the cheapest option for walking around the city. In addition, you can ask for an Uber wherever you are.
Still, it is worth taking the taxi in case you are not in a hurry or concerned about the value of the race. Oh, and what identifies the Parisian taxi is just a little sign on the top of the car.
NOTE: when ordering the car through an application, be sure to confirm the license plate and the name of the driver before entering.


Transport in Paris: What is the Best Option?

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In addition to the subway as public transport, the bus it is also a good option. Although not as fast as the subway, the advantage of the bus is to enjoy the city along the way. However, they are also not free of traffic and can take long minutes to reach their final destination.
AND as in any big city, avoid peak hours. They get crowded and take even longer along the way. Try to go to tourist attractions at strategic times, avoiding the stress of delays and lack of time.


Transport in Paris: What is the Best Option?


Tour of bike Paris is more common than we think. Almost all over the city you will find special lanes for this type of transport, with signs and a well-organized rental system.
If you want to rent the bike, just look for Vélib in the street. Bicycles are electronic and you can pick it up in one place and return it to another point in the city. To learn more about how the system works, just take a look at the company website.

And how to get to Versailles?

Transport in Paris: What is the Best Option?

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As already mentioned in the post, one of the most efficient and economical ways to get to Versailles is using the RER. The train leaves from several stations scattered around the city, and the journey usually takes about 45 minutes to the station Left bank of Versailles. Then, another 10 or 15 minutes walking to the main entrance to Versailles.
If you want to use the electric bicycle, it is also possible! The time will obviously be much longer, but the route is charming. If you prefer the most comfortable alternative, just pay for a tourist bus ticket.
Were you able to decide the best type of mobility for you? We hope so. Bye!

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