Travel for foodies

Travel for foodies

You who follow the travel vlogs know that Paulo and I do not give up eating well when we are elsewhere – because our work depends on it. And let’s face it, is there a better combination than good food when traveling?


I always like to plan ahead of the trip and look at the best restaurants in the region, but of course we cannot be arrested. We have to be open to new experiences and sometimes that hidden restaurant is the best discovery of all.
But if you, like me, love going with a script almost ready, I have some tips that help me a lot to explore gastronomy through the cities that I pass.

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Searching the internet can help a lot in the whole process. Look for references on some specialized sites, play on google, see travel itineraries, lists of the best restaurants in your destination… The internet is there to help!
Ah, of course, here on the blog I already made several posts about restaurants, cafes and pastry shops in LA, NY and Paris. Vlogs also always have very cool indications!

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Paulo and I really like to visit places that are booming at the moment, but it is always worth going to some more traditional spots – of course researching beforehand to see if the quality is still the same!
Another good tip is to research classic dishes from the region to which you will travel. Thus, the chance of making a mistake is always smaller! I always look for the most suitable restaurant for a type of dish, not least because there are places specializing in meat, others in bulk and it is difficult to get a sense without researching in advance.

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In addition to online research, specialized guides and books are always great options to have a base. I’m crazy about Where Chefs Eat – unfortunately it is only in English, but you can find it in several bookstores (up to the most recent edition).
The book is very complete and shows the best restaurants (indicated by local chefs) in the city. They are super eclectic and suggest places from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Whenever you travel, check the information. In the new edition there are more than 3,000 nominations in 70 countries!
See how you can put together a delicious script?

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