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Organizing objects in the decoration is not an easy task – especially when the pieces are small! As a good Virgo, I can’t even think of leaving several little products loose around the house and that is why trays are always welcome in my decor.

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They are the perfect pieces to organize perfumes, jewelry and even drinks, you know? I selected some of my favorite models to show how trays can be your best allies when it comes to decorating!



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The lined models are excellent for storing jewelry and bijoux. Usually these pieces come with dividers, which makes everything more practical.
Of course, it is also possible to buy simpler small boxes and cover them with velvet at home – it will depend on your manual skills, haha ​​?



Photos – Fashionismo e Karol Pinheiro

For those who enjoy a more clean and sophisticated decoration, mirrored trays will always be great options. I think it’s beautiful to put perfumes in this style of piece, it seems that everything is more organized and without all that visual pollution.



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Rustic wood models are great for cooking. I love a more country-like decoration in this corner of the house and that’s why the most natural materials are my favorites. In addition to decorating, trays are very useful in this room – instead of keeping spices in the cupboards, it’s much more practical to leave them by hand on the counter, right?
For those who prefer more modern pieces, the colorful models add a fun touch to the environment – great for serving coffee ?

Where to find?


  1. Hercules at Dafiti / R $ 199.90
  2. Westwing / R $ 129.90
  3. Imaginarium / R $ 99.00
  4. Oppa / R $ 128,95
  5. Etna / R $ 129.90

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