Trdelník: Prague’s Most Popular Candy

Trdelník: Prague's Most Popular Candy

There is no one who goes to Prague and comes back without proving or at least having heard about the trdelník. This sweet so difficult to pronounce is everywhere in the city center and can already be considered a tourist attraction, I swear to you!
But where did all this fame come from and what is this sweet delight? We searched here, tasted the candy and let’s tell what we think.


First of all, let’s understand more about dessert. Trdelník is made with a sweet dough reminiscent of pretzel, baked in a very peculiar way. The raw dough is placed around wooden or iron rolls that will serve as skewers to bake the candy – almost like a roast chicken or a barbecue. Hence its very characteristic chimney shape.
After baking, the candy still gets a delicious layer of sugar and cinnamon. Since classic flavors always win my heart, it was impossible not to love this wonderful – even more when it is warm!
Trdelník: Prague's Most Popular Candy
Trdelník: Prague's Most Popular Candy


Everyone imagines that trdelník is super traditional from Prague. Even we thought! But the truth is that it is not clear where the tradition of this sweet originated. Although it has become more recognized as a Czech dessert, other countries like Germany, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary also commercialize this delight.
Trdelník: Prague's Most Popular Candy


Like every dessert ever invented, we always provide a way to increase it. In the case of trdelník, an ice cream cone was incorporated into the dough. And inside that cone and on top of the trdelník is what? Much ice cream and several roofing. It is almost like a dessert within another dessert!
These stuffed versions usually have a cone shape so as not to lose any part of the filling, but still resemble a chimney. Even though it is a caloric bomb, it is that type of candy that deserves to be tasted. I promise you won’t regret it!
Oh, and anyone who wants a more basic filling can opt for the traditional trdelník format, but with a layer of nutella, chocolate, caramel or jam inside. What about?
Trdelník: Prague's Most Popular Candy
Trdelník: Prague's Most Popular Candy


One of the most famous and praised places to try trdelník is Good Food Coffee And Bakery, which is close to Charles Bridge. But the truth is that any region in Prague will have at least one store or bakery selling dessert.
The difference of this bakery that we mentioned is in the variety of flavors and combinations, which goes far beyond the traditional sugar with cinnamon. Anyway, for those who want to go to the most recommended place, here’s the tip!
Trdelník: Prague's Most Popular Candy
Although very basic, this is one of the best desserts in the world, without exaggeration! It’s sooo good and still has that taste of affective food that makes the heart warm. Worth a try, even if you are a tourist ❤️

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