Trdelník, the most popular sweet in Prague

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Prague is often remembered as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. No wonder! Without exaggeration, the capital of Czech republic it has all the necessary elements to remind us of those fairy tale scenarios that we fantasized about when we were children. The city has an all medieval charm, but the building facades vary between different styles. Many spots in the city have colorful houses in pastel colors, reminiscent of those villages of the Grimm brothers’ tales. Known as the city of a hundred domes, it really lives up to that name: there are countless bridges, cathedrals, towers and domes of churches on all sides.
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To complete all this, the enormous complex of Prague Castle imposes itself in the landscape and is visible from almost all points of the city. On the banks of the Moldava River, you can still see a series of bridges and swans swimming in the waters. Among these bridges is the famous Charles Bridge. In Old Town Square, carriages are moving up and down its cobbled streets with beautiful, well-preserved buildings. It seems like something from another reality!
If you are still not convinced that this looks like a fictional scenario, just walk through the small streets of Old Town and you will find a very famous character that certainly was part of his childhood: the Pinocchio! Yes, the Czech Republic has a huge tradition in the production of puppets and the shops that sell these handicrafts are everywhere to the delight of travelers who pass by in search of some typical souvenir from the country.
At this point, I think you must have already convinced yourself about the magic that surrounds this place and how wonderful everything is visually there. Prague also has a strong inclination towards the arts and music. In other words, it is a city ready to be discovered culturally under the most different aspects and, speaking of culture, I am also referring to the part that involves the gastronomy of the country. Oh, and I have some great news that can make you fall in love with the city in two words: GREAT DESSERTS.
The Czech Republic is well known for its cuisine and it does not only involve sweets (local cuisine restaurants are a big hit with tourists). But there is a delicacy found in shops, on the street or in stalls specialized in the most diverse variations of filling: o trdelník.
Yes, I know that the pronunciation is difficult and the locals will not help you to pronounce the word correctly because they find the difficulty that tourists have in saying this funny. Ah, the Czech humor! Regardless of this obstacle, you just need to approach whoever is selling and explain what you want. The candy is so popular that you can’t walk five minutes through Prague without seeing a trdelník shop. Impressive indeed! They are in Prague just as the crepe outlets are in Paris.
Now, let’s explain what exactly this candy is. The trdelník is an annular tube made with a mass very similar to that of Pretzel that we have here in Brazil. The dough is wound in a spiral shape around a skewer that is rotating over the coal coal. When it is ready to be served, it is cut into smaller slices and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.
At the end, we can fill it with Nutella, chocolate, caramel, coconut, jam or other options. The result could not be better! The versions with Nutella and without filling are great orders. An interesting curiosity is that the candy is originally from Transylvania (in Romania) and had another name, but became very popular in the Czech Republic. A must try trdelník on a trip to Prague!

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