Treacherous eating habits Seemingly harmless: These 4 habits will give you extra pounds!

Treacherous eating habits Seemingly harmless: These 4 habits will give you extra pounds!

As much sport as possible, a tight training plan, and a healthy and balanced diet: we give a lot to get our body in shape. However, habits that we may not even be aware of make a big dash for us. We’ll show you what these are here.

No soft drinks, no fast food and a lot of exercise: Sure, these points are fundamentally to be observed if you want to watch your weight and shape your body. But even if you follow these rules, everyday eating habits can ruin your training success. We’ll tell you which 4 they are and how you can avoid them.

1. Mistake in losing weight: Drinking too little water

Typically, most people do not drink enough fluids. As a result, dehydration manifests itself in the form of headaches, tiredness and food cravings. For this reason, try drinking a glass of water first the next time you catch yourself thinking of chocolate, gummy bears, and other sweet treats.


If you have exceeded these body values, you should lose weight

Obesity is not only an aesthetic problem, it can also have consequences for health. Certain body values ​​provide information on whether you should lose weight.

2. Slim lie: Low fat and light products

Products labeled “low fat” or “light” suggest that they flatter your figure, but in some cases this can lead to the opposite. For example, these products may contain more sugar, which is digested quickly and raises your blood sugar levels. If this drops, you may have increased cravings. You also have to be careful when replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners, which is often the case with light products. The sweeteners are many times sweeter than conventional sugar. The brain and your sense of taste get used to it very quickly, which is why both are no longer satisfied with ordinary sugar and want more of it accordingly.

3. Time pressure: Eating too quickly

Today we are always under time pressure – running to the train, rushing to the next appointment and then quickly doing the shopping. However, extensive and cozy meals are not on the schedule. The feeling of fullness only sets in 15 to 20 minutes after the start of the meal – by this time most of them have already finished eating and may have consumed more than they actually need.

4. Mistake in weight loss: from the pack to the mouth

This habit becomes particularly evident in front of the television: when you watch a film, you eat chips, gummy bears and the like straight out of the packaging – and that by the way. So you have no control and only notice how much you have eaten when your fingers reach into an empty bag. Therefore, portion your snacks in small bowls before you sit on the couch with them so that you have an overview of what you have eaten.

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