Trend in Make: Warm Shadows

Trend in Make: Warm Shadows

You can’t deny that the more neutral tones are easier to use in makeup, right? That is precisely why I invest almost always in neutral palettes and nude lipsticks. But if you are looking for make-up variations and don’t know where to start, I can say that the warm tones will be great allies!
In the past, many people were afraid to bet on pink and red tones in the shadows because they could bring that feeling of “tiredness” to the eyes. But nowadays there is no excuse, after all, we have many incredible references with shades in these tones. Want another reason to bet on warm color eyeshadows? They are super hot and so there is no lack of incredible palette options with shades tons

Trend in Make: Warm Shadows

Photo: @ juliarodrigues2

If you, like me, usually pull your eye makeup to brown, it is worth starting lightly with these shades of red or brownish oranges, you know? Use these eyeshadows to mark the concave, because the result is more interesting but does not weigh anything on the makeup.

Using a brown eyeshadow as a base to bring a certain depth to your eyes is a great start. Start by applying a little color to the concave, gradually bringing the most vivid tones to the eyelid and in the end I swear to invest in a much more colorful eye without fear!
In addition to the dozens of hotter brown options, colors like burnt pink, wine and copper also work very well for the more discreet.

Trend in Make: Warm Shadows

Photos: @aniamilczarczyk and Sephora via Pinterest

Do you like vibrant makeup and nothing basic? Warm tones are also for you! Open reds, roses and oranges are there for that! These warm tones emphasize too much those who have light eyes, for example ?


I confess that, in the case of warm shades, I think it is more worth investing in a palette or quartet because normally the colors already match each other – which makes the process much easier in the beginning.
Now, if you already know the tones that best match your skin tone, hair, eyes and, mainly, it has to do with your style, throw yourself in a unique shade and leave it in the bag for when you need to transform the make basic!
Trend in Make: Warm Shadows
1- Eyeshadow 4+ Color Aquarela (Color: 1200) by Natura | R $ 53.90
2- Too Faced chocolate bar eyeshadow palette at Sephora | R $ 269.00
3- Eyeshadow Palette Meet Matt (e) Trimony do Balsam at The Beauty Box | R $ 249.00
4- Girls Mischief Mix by MAC at Sephora | R $ 269.00
5- O Boticário Eye Pigment (Color: Nude Shine) | R $ 44.90
6- Shadow Quartet Africanissima (Color: Evening Ruby) by O Boticário | R $ 60.90
7- Praia do Bálsamo Eyeshadow Palette at The Beauty Box | R $ 199.00
8- Shadow Urban Decay (Color: Spike) at Sephora | R $ 119.00
9- Shadows Quartet (Color: Flower Rose) from O Boticário | R $ 64.90
10- Vult Shadow Shadow Quintet (Color: Drama) at Época Cosméticos | R $ 32.00

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