Trend: Star Print

Trend: Star Print

I don’t know if you noticed that the star print dominated the fall / winter collection of various brands – and who am I to complain, right? Haha ? O print delicate has this funnier grip that I am loving and it has appeared so much that I think you can almost consider it as a wildcard of the prints.

Trend: Star Print

Photo: Realization

Like polka dots and stripes, delicate and tiny stars are perfect for making a basic look with jeans and a more interesting t-shirt. However, the print also appears on pieces declaration and even in party dresses.
And to prove that you will want to use this trend at some point, I decided to select the coolest ways (in my opinion, of course) to use the print!


Trend: Star Print

Photos: Soraya Bakhtiar and Jessica Munoz via Pinterest

I confess that I am not much of the printed pants, but I loved the little stars in the more stripped-down models like in joggings and jeans. If you are afraid to wear a flashy print on the bottom, you can bet without fear on pants with a dark background and smaller stars ?


A bold third piece makes the look, right? The material and the modeling go according to your style, after all, nowadays you can find bombers, leather jackets, suede models, velvet … Options are not lacking with the print!


Fun T-shirts, more relaxed shirts, blouses with transparency, light knitting… If your intention is to draw attention to the upper part of your body, you can bet on these models!


Did you think you couldn’t use the piece for a party look? Of course it does! The dresses that have a more feminine modeling with a metallic touch have a romantic touch that I really like. For more informal occasions, you can invest in leather and velvet applications.


Like any strong trend in prints, stars also appear in accessories. For those with a more basic style, you can invest in delicate jewelry. Now, if you like bolder pieces, you can bet on print both in shoes and bags ?


I swear it was difficult to make a selection with just 10 pieces, after all, there is no shortage of options! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
Trend: Star Print
1- Velvet jacket at Amissima | R $ 236.95
2- AMARO Headband | R $ 39.90
3- Shoulder Jogging Pants | R $ 559.00
4- Sneakers by Cris Capoani at Shop2gether | R $ 275.90
5- Colcci scholarship at Dafiti | R $ 479.00
6- Fabulous Agilitá belt at Shop2gether | R $ 217.90
7- MOB pants at Dafiti | R $ 239.99
8- Amissima’s Starry Shirt | R $ 307.90
9- Get out of Rosa Chá at Shop2gether | R $ 229.90
10- Sandal Mixage at Dafiti | R $ 74.99

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