Tropical Christmas

Tropical Christmas

Since we were little we got used to Christmas scenes in the northern hemisphere: snow, Santa Claus wrapped up and heavy food. Here we know that the reality is quite different and, despite loving a very traditional Christmas decoration, why not leave it with a more tropicalist look?

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Foliage, refreshing drinks and a more colorful decoration are details that make the difference in the final result! Besides combining more with our climate at this time of year, I’m sure everyone will love this different touch at supper ?



Photos – Paty Shibuya / Panelinha / Blog Estadão

Flowers, foliage, straw and wood are some of the materials that will leave your garland with that tropical touch. The more rustic and natural materials, the cooler the effect. Betting on this ornament is important, as it is usually the first thing that visitors will notice in your decor!



Photos – Pinterest / Home Decor / Liraby

The table is also an essential item at Christmas dinner. Leaves and flowers in the traditional tones of Christmas (green and red) certainly refer to the celebration, but in no way obvious. Those who want can even put some fruit in these tones to complement the decor.



Photos – Renato Mozarti Móveis / Home Styling / Styletic

Rustic lights on a staircase are an untraditional and super charming way to decorate the house. For me, lighting is one of the most important points in any room.
Candles can be decorated with very green leaves and their recycled pots can also become great decorative elements.



Photos – Sand and Sisal / Decor Fácil / Mobly

Embellishments in green and blue tones are great for bringing a little bit of the sea into the house. A simple chain of string on the balls of the Christmas tree completely changes the ornament.
Shells and starfish are also great for creating that summer effect!
So, did you like a more updated version of Christmas decoration?

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