Tropical Table: Utensils and Accessories!

Tropical Table: Utensils and Accessories!

I’m that person who loves themed decor, you know? Summer came with everything and, besides making you want to eat lighter dishes at that time, who doesn’t want to set up a beautiful table with this tropical footprint?

Fruits, foliage, fish, shells … All these elements can be great options to make the weekend table more special. In addition, the pieces can also serve as support for themed parties or even birthday parties.

I really love the summer and, even without traveling, changing the decoration of the house and the table with these little details already makes the biggest difference and brings that “vacation” atmosphere instantly! So I made a selection with no less than 10 products to serve and decorate your table ?
Tropical Table: Utensils and Accessories!

1- Coconut Water Shell Opener | R $ 119.00
2- Watermelon Plate at Casa Mind | R $ 129.00
3- Souq Foliage Bowl | R $ 55.00
4- Bananas Fabric Napkin at Casa Mind | R $ 14.00
5- Palm Bowl with Coral Support of Coconut Water | R $ 199.00
6- Souq Peixinho Salt and Pepper Holder | R $ 49.00
7- Pineapple napkin holder in Collector | R $ 109.00
8- Costela de Adão and Pineapple treadmill at Casa Mind | R $ 79.00
9- Pineapple Glass Sucker at Storehouse | R $ 290.00
10- Souq Foliage Tray | R $ 49.00

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