Trousers on the rise!

Trousers on the rise!

If there’s a piece that doesn’t come out of our closet, it’s the pants! Everyone uses it on a daily basis, because it is practical, versatile and can have many models. I, for example, love the jeans models, but I also have a crush on the light and even more comfortable fabrics.
High-waisted models are great for shaping the body and lengthening the silhouette. In addition, I find it much more comfortable!



Photo 1 – Rio Etc / Photo 2 – Gisella Francisca / Photo 3 – Rio Etc

Linen, cotton and even silk pants are perfect for a casual look! They are super comfortable and make the look very stylish and unpretentious. This type of production is perfect for everyday life! Use with croppeds or loose tops and flat shoes!



Photo 1 – Super Ela / Photo 2 – Steal The Look / Photo 3 – Nadia Aboulhosn

The most adjusted pieces, especially tailoring, are perfect for a more elegant and sophisticated look. The structure of the pieces makes all the difference. The first look, for example, could be super casual if the fabrics, both pants and cropped, were lighter. As the choice was made by tailoring, the production was much more chic and therefore not less stylish.

You can also wear it with flat shoes, as in the third look, but remember to choose more classic pieces like a shirt!



Photo 1 – Ju Romano / Photo 2 – Look Now Look / Photo 3 – Who What Wears

Jeans are the darling! It can be destroyed, flare, tight and very wide. The model is high waisted and always helps to lengthen the silhouette, especially the flare. As the piece is versatile, it can be used in the most informal office, at the mall or even at a dinner party!

Where to find?


  1. UMA | Farfetch
  2. Farm | OQDress up
  3. Shoulder | OQDress up
  4. Amapô Gallerist
  5. John John Farfetch

Which of these styles suits you the most?

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